Top Ten Most Relaxing Songs by Madonna

Madonna is known for her legendary dancefloor bangers and her deep, sensual balladry. But somewhere in between these is another niche Madonna has a knack for... relaxing chillout songs, a niche she started pursuing with Erotica. (Some of these are ballads, too. )

The Top Ten

1 Love Tried to Welcome Me
2 Bedtime Story

The Björk-penned trance song that led Madonna to create one of her best music videos yet. This song does for me exactly what the lyrics are saying. - theOpinionatedOne

3 Justify My Love

The beat of this song is hypnotic. And the whispered vocals are extremely calming and titillating at the same time. - theOpinionatedOne

4 Secret Garden

The jazzy closer of Erotica. When I first listened to this song, I forgot I was listening to an album with the purpose of ranking the songs from best to worst. It literally felt surreal. - theOpinionatedOne

5 Mer Girl

The lyrics of this song, are some of the most confessional of Madonna's career. And she actually sounds like the little girl she was when her mother died. The minimal instrumental of this song paired with the narrative create an atmosphere of uncertainty. It's sad and tragic. Madonna still seems lost but somehow at peace. None of that had anything to do with how this song is relaxing but whatever. - theOpinionatedOne

Am I the only one who finds this song very creepy?

Not at all! It's supposed to be unsettling. It's ironic that the album has such an ambient mood (except for the title track) yet it's titled after the most upbeat (and different sounding) track. - theOpinionatedOne

6 I Want You
7 Live to Tell

This ballad has an eerie calming vibe about it. The bass synthesizer and sparse drums create an atmosphere that sort of contradicts the seriousness of the lyrical content. As Madonna sings "If I live to tell the secret I have learned" I feel like the melody is saying "You'll make it. Everything will be ok." And Madonna's low key delivery, different from most of her ballads where she tends to flex her vocal chords, she stays somewhat restrained here. Very soothing. - theOpinionatedOne

8 Falling Free
9 Paradise (Not for Me)

I like this song. And I like Madonna too. - RockFashionista

10 In This Life

Tragic but still the music is relaxing. - theOpinionatedOne

The Contenders

11 Drowned World/Substitute for Love

The calming opener of "Ray of Light" with a melody and lyrics indicating an album of self-reflection. It was the first time Madonna reflected on the consequences of her fame and as a result, she finally felt at peace. Peace... relaxation. Huh? - theOpinionatedOne

12 Rain
13 Frozen

My favorite Madonna song. - theOpinionatedOne

14 This Used to Be My Playground
15 Superstar
16 Little Star
17 I'll Remember

The beat and melody are so relaxing!

18 Secret
19 Something to Remember
20 Jump

For a dance track, there's something really calming about the melody of "Jump". It's the best of both worlds... Dancefloor ready and chillout savvy. - theOpinionatedOne

21 Shanti/Ashtangi

Or as I like to call it, "The Yoga Song" or "The Techno Prayer". - theOpinionatedOne

22 Cherish

How could you forget this masterpiece? Beautiful, romantic and relaxing!

23 Don't Stop
24 Survival
25 La Isla Bonita
26 Take a Bow
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