Top 10 Most Reliable Family Cars

I bet many can agree in this list especially if you know you have kids and need a good reliable car.

The Top Ten

1 Chevy Suburban

One of the most reliable cars on the lot.. Amazing milage and huge interior.. Extremely smooth too. - Bronceye

My family owned a Suburban for 20 years. Loved it. - Kolobanov

Yep, my family has this car. - Pegasister12

2 Cadillac XL

Huge and big on the outside and inside.. Smooth and outstanding gas milage. - Bronceye

3 Chevy Tahoe

Great size and very smooth.. Gas is a little off but other than that a outstanding family car. - Bronceye

4 Ford F-150

I know it's a truck but if your looking for good gas milage and your family likes getting down and muddy.. Then this truck is an awesome farm family truck. - Bronceye

5 Volkswagen Routan

Great milage, great size and interior, smooth... What else to say besides this car is great for family. - Bronceye

6 Range Rover Supercharged

Interior wise I'd say average but this thing got solar power and extremely good gas milage when ran by gas... Smooth when going straight and outstanding brakes. - Bronceye

7 Ford Focus

Pretty nice car with a nice interior and amazing gas milage... Also a nice car if you are looking for a back road and get some drifts in. - Bronceye

I like the new ones because they have the latest technology and parking sensors.

8 Toyota Prius Hybrid

Hybrids are bigger than other prius.. that's why I say great big interior and can run 40 miles without gas.. Amazing. - Bronceye

9 Pontiac Grand Prix

My First Car Was a 1991 Grand Prix all in green. It was a great car to begin with. The Babe had 4,940 mm. I drove it to Highschool from home to the mall every day

Its only flaw is very small interior but other than that impressive fuel milage and very smooth. - Bronceye

10 Toyota Corolla

The Contenders

11 Chevy Trail Blazer

Fuel economy is the only problem with this.. Otherwise it's an amazing (little bumpy at times) car.. It has T.V. 's in the back so the kids will be off your back. - Bronceye

12 Hyundai i30
13 Suzuki Mehran
14 Honda Civic Sedan
15 Lexus LS

Bulletproof reliability

16 Mercedes 200D wagon

That thing can go 500k miles without a major failure!

17 Dodge Caravan
18 Fiat Multipla
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