Most Relieving and Pleasurable Things


The Top Ten

1 Food after starvation

I completely agree with this list and its original 10 items! - Metal_Treasure

2 Sleep after exhaustion

It often takes a week of continuous deprivation to get me tired enough to truly drop, but I do sleep the full night, I feel awesome. - keycha1n

Now that hard works are outta my way, I can finally sleep in peace. - Delgia2k

Particularly cherished when you're an insomniac. - PositronWildhawk

3 First stretch of the morning

I had trouble choosing which item to vote for! I agree with them all! - Britgirl

4 Waking up with no alarm, completely naturally


5 Having someone play with your hair

My mum does this when she senses I'm sad. - Britgirl

6 Putting on the most comfy clothes
7 Taking off the clothes after a tiring or sweaty day

Feels so refreshing - Ananya

8 Song of you favourite music artist or band
9 A long hug

When I have a bad day, my friends give me a hug if I need it. It's nice. - Garythesnail

There are few things in the world as nice as a long hug. - keycha1n

I haven't had a hug in a very long time. - IronSabbathPriest

10 Sound of the rain

The Contenders

11 Making love with a wonderful partner

Lmfao! I love sex!

Best item of the list

Cherish this...

How is this 13?

12 Sex
13 Pooping
14 Video games
15 Water after thirst

Best feeling

16 Reading poems
17 Eating a warm meal on a cold day
18 Sitting by the shore
19 Calm seas
20 Masturbating
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1. Food after starvation
2. Having someone play with your hair
3. First stretch of the morning
1. Food after starvation
2. Sleep after exhaustion
3. Waking up with no alarm, completely naturally


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