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gemcloben OK... don't hate me because of this blog post, this is just my opinion. I respect the opinions of those who are religious, but I just don't believe it. And I shall explain my reasons on why I think what I do, and I am not complaining about those who do believe it or I am not forcing my opinion on others. So, here are my reasons:

This blog post is mainly about the lack of evidence. But first, I shall say what I think is good about religion. The whole "heaven and hell" thing is a very good concept to teach people, as it encourages them to be a good person. The bible (well, the new testament anyway) teaches you to be a good person and respect one another.

But now we get to why I don't believe it. There is no evidence whatsoever that any of this happened! People say that you cannot say anything about religion or that they dedicate their lives to it, but they give no reasons whatsoever about why they are like this! There is no evidence for Adam and Eve, Jesus, the 7 day creation, heaven and hell and the list goes on. If anyone can give me any evidence, please do that in the comments.

Now, we shall talk about why I do believe in science. We actually have evidence! Evolution: we have fossils, and they also prove the earth is more than 5000 years old. Science can prove a lot, as it is something that is purely based on scientific evidence rather that belief or faith, meaning it is a lot more reliable.

Here may be some reasons why it is so very popular. People may want an escape from reality, and may want to believe that a life without sin may pay off one day, and it makes death seem not as bad, when really once your dead, that is it. Also, there are many different countries that have different religions, which in my opinion suggests propaganda. I think this because certain countries convince them this from an early age. It has been around for a while, so it was around before any scientific evidence was even thought of, back when they believed anything, but it was illegal to think anything else, so everyone was religious, and it has been passed down the generations. Now we have scientific evidence, a guy they thought was a god just had a medical condition.

So now you have read what my opinion is, please write if you agree or disagree with my opinions and write your own opinion in the comments, and as always, write your reasons as well. This is the last room 101, so write in the comments if you liked the series as well. I may continue it one day though. Goodbye!


For me, I think there is no end to this conversation. You may call it irrational, but the simple thing is, we believe in God because we have faith in Him and His existence. If God gave us clear cut evidence, that wouldn't be true faith. "We live by faith, and not by sight". I admire your courage in posting this, but the Bible is a book of love, and I will never regret living a Christian life. - keycha1n

This is one of the most accurate posts I've ever seen! Religion itself I can live with, however the religious people in my school are absolutely monotonous to speak to. Especially the teachers. I agree that the heaven and hell concept is good because it teaches the difference between right and wrong. - IronSabbathPriest

It keeps people from doing things that are bad, and hurt others! Heaven and Hell is a wise concept that I believe in. - visitor

Very interesting blog post! No, I don't hate you at all. I'm a biology/geography teacher BUT I do believe in GOD at the same time! I believe in Science & Religion! And I don't have problems with it.

By the way, many Biblical statements were proved by science as well so I would never say something like "Religion doesn't provide any proofs and facts". - Irina2932

Without listening to science I believe in Allah - visitor

O_O, didn't or couldn't understand this. - McKing1003

I don't hate you. Your one of my favorite users. However, I don't get how there is no God. Who created the world? Also, are there any Catholics on this site? - visitor

There are a lot of Christian users (like myself) and a lot of Catholic users as well. - RiverClanRocks

*raises hand*
Muslim <--- - CerealGuy

Good blog - EpicJake

Islam - visitor

Allahamdulilla thanks god because I'm muslim I'm very much happy my name abdul saeed I'm from india - visitor

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This was an acurate post (and I'm christian myself) - visitor

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Emotion and music are some obvious evidence, these things channel feelings and deep meaning, emotions aren't scientific except fear and that sort of thing. God made the rest. - visitor