Top Ten Most Pointless Conflicts Between Religions

People seriously? If everyone just respected each other's beliefs and didn't take their own beliefs to the extreme, the world would be much better off!
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1 Christianity vs. Islam

Like most religious conflicts, they are two sides of the same coin. It's just that as these are the two most followed religions of the present day, they make their image in international news. Fundamentally, what separates them is just their label, as the Bible and Quran are traced back to the same historical origins and preach very similar ideals.

Consider the right wing Christian fundamentalists in the United States. What they want more than anything is their religion to be the centre of their government. As a result of this, children would be made to pray in schools, LGBTs would become second class citizens, contraceptives and abortions would be outlawed, evolution would be replaced by creationism, war would be promoted, and innocent people would regularly be tortured and murdered in the name of their God. Well, that's exactly what's constantly happening in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan. The sole difference is what the religion is called and what the God is called. These ...more

I am christian, but I never disliked anyone for their religion. Christianity and Islam have some bad blood. The Crusades were fought over the holy city for both religions, Jerusalem.

I don't get it why Muslims and Christians always have disagreements and fights with each other. Muhammad said that Islam is a religion of peace but sadly, some of more fanatical followers misunderstood the concept, thinking that Islam is a religion of fascism, where all people who they encounter must immediately assimilate to their religion lest they suffer death or something worse than that. On the other hand, Christians also have their more radical sides, the fundamentalists and the Westboro Baptist Church, you know the church who condemns homosexuality as a grave sin and also accuses Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians for various reasons such as the Catholics being perverted pedophiles, the Protestants about lying to their followers, and the Orthodox for using images in their church (look up Westboro on Wikipedia for more details about it). Me, as a Christian never condemned anyone for such actions but the Westboro clearly does the wrong stuff.

Basically, as ...more

2 Judaism vs. Christianity
3 Islam vs. Hinduism
4 Scientology vs. Christianity

Actually this one makes sense. It seems as though scientists are constantly try anything in their power to disproved and attack Christianity. They try to act as though Christians are living in the last sense they are homophobic and don't support abortion.

By any objective measure, Scientology is not a religion.

5 Protestantism vs. Catholicism

@clusium: Putting biblical Christianity in quotes sets up the display of ignorance that follows in your comment. It is and always has been the Roman Catholic Church that abandoned biblical (meaning ORIGINAL) Christianity, beginning in large part with Constantine. If not for the Protestant Reformation, Western Civilization as we know it would not exist. The inalienable, God-given rights of the individual would never have been recognized, and the constitutional republic of the United States of America would never have been. If you care to debate this further, suggest you do some serious homework first.

Catholics used to be very intolerant to any other religion, and when the churches started to become corrupt, many people created and started believing in Protestantism to fix the church. The Catholics didn't like that, so they persecuted Protestants.

If you think the differences are "minor," and that Protestantism and Catholicism are "basically the same," then your knowledge of biblical Christianity is sorely lacking. The differences are enormous.

6 Buddhism vs. Hinduism
7 Sikhism vs. Hinduism
8 Islam vs. Judaism
9 Shiite vs. Sunni
10 Wicca vs Christianity

Wicca is just modern Paganism. In history the church hated and was jealous of Pagans, it should just end.

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11 Orthodox Judaism vs. Reform Judaism
12 Taoism vs Confucianism
13 Satanism vs. Christianity
14 Atheistic Satanism vs. Theistic Satanism
15 Wicca vs. Satanism
16 Buddhism vs. Jainism
17 Islam vs. Baha'i
18 Catholic vs. Eastern Orthodox
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