Top 10 Most Powerful Religions In the World

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1 Islam Islam

Islam is the religion of peace, the religion that respects all other religions. You have to believe in one god Allah, We believe in Jesus and all prophets sent by god. Islam is the fastest spreading religion today despite the frauds, We believe that Jesus is still alive in the heaven and that he will return back, He is not the son of god because god is the most powerful and do not need a son, also if Jesus was son of god he could have beaten them. He do not need to die for another people to let god forgive us, also 1 god do not means 3. We believe that Judaism and Christianity were taught by prophets sent by god but they got changed by people. You find 1 version of Quran for all Muslims but you find a lot of Bibles and each priest or church give his own point of view while in Islam the Quran is the resource number 1...

It's Peace and Unity, not saying "I am better than this person or their religion". We leave judgement to God and are taught to be kind to every single person we meet, regardless of their religion, race, gender, whatever. People twist our teachings a lot, and the context of the words in the Quran to mean something else, but the core of our religion is peace and kindness. Judging people is not the job of a Muslim, we should be fair and kind to all. Nobody these days TRULY follows the teachings, if we did, we would not have the tarnished image we unfortunately have today.

It's easy to believe the regurgitated propaganda spewed by many news outlets but those who truly follow Islam, and know what it means to be "Muslim", cannot be evil. As Zakir Naik eloquently put it, if a person was driving a car and was to crash it through reckless driving, would you blame the person? Or would you blame the car? You'd blame the person. In the same way, Islam is the vessel that Muslims employ as they embark on the journey of life, and there will always be those who attempt to twist it, undermining its value and using it to peddle their own agendas. They give Islam a bad name when they are solely to blame. All I have to say is I didn't know what peace was until I found Islam and I will always be grateful for that. Assalamu alaykum

I am Muslim and I'm proud of that and Islam is a religion of peace not violence. Many people don't understand that ISIS and Terrorist are giving Islam a bad name and destroying Islam. But even though most people are against Islam, it is still a fastest growing Religion and by 2050 Islam will takeover Christianity. Allah (swt) will always protect Islam and Muslims people.

2 Hinduism Hinduism Hinduism is an Indian religion and dharma, or way of life. It is the world's third-largest religion, with over 1.2 billion followers.

Proud to be Indian, Proud to be born in the world's oldest religion following country. Hinduism is best because it respects other religion, tolerance and acceptance are the pillars of Hinduism. No doubt other religion are equally great, but today those religion preachers have created lots of hate towards other religions and have incorrectly preached their religion. To all those so called fake priests who misguides and spread hate on name of God, he will not spare you. The first religion to say God is one. Hinduism - the most complex and most diversely simplified religion, whose holy book Bhagwat Gita consists of exact words from God, and not from any messenger or religion preacher.

It is the best religion on Earth as it is the oldest. Also, it is a religion of peace. Whereas, religions such as islam (no offense) is home to terrorism and places such as Pakistan separated from India because of bad behaviour selfishness. Pakistan was taken by Indian muslims who didn't like the other religions. their behaviour is generally bad in manners. I'm sorry, but I'm just saying my opinion. I know there will be many disagreements to this comment but this is just my opinion. Sorry once again. By the way I am a muslim not Hindu so I'm not jealous or anything. I have experience. I'm fasting in ramadan trying my best not to eat or drink or listen to music. My Hindu friends are helping me a lot. Omm

Hinduism will never end . Islam / terrorism will end in next 70 years and muslim poors which are in majority will be dead in wars or will be converted to Hinduism/christianity or judaism/budhism ..
Hinduism existed before we were and will exist after we will be not

I am a proud hindu. Though there are many gods in our religion yet we believe them to be one. There is no such thing as an evil person in this religion, the only thing considered to be bad is the evil deed done by him and there's still a bright chance of forgiveness for him if he asks earnestly for it as well as if he repents for his bad deeds. I love my religion and I am thankful to be born as a hindu. God bless.

3 Christianity Christianity

Allah's curse to you. What a false religion. Those who disbelief in Allah; you cannot see nor listen nor talk. How do you say that Allah has a son?
Listen, my god is Allah who is one. Allah, the Eternal refuge. He neither begets nor is born. And no one is equal to him.
How do you say Isa {Jesus} is son of god? Your place will be the blazing fire, where you will always be. Do you think you will not die? That is your misunderstanding. One day you will return to Allah, he knows everything what you do, and on that day he will ask you and wrongdoers will go to the blazing fire. I am proud to be a Muslim but still I am afraid of Allah. He may punish and then reward me or reward me directly but what about you, you be in the fire ever.

I do believe that Christianity is a world renowned religion! I have a strong built relationship with God and Jesus and I know personally that He loves everyone single one of his children. I know that there are other people out there who are not Christians and I am so happy that they have found peace and love with in their God too, even if I don't believe in their God and they don't believe in ours, us Christians should always have love for others around us, including the people with other religions! xx

Ironic that I should read in another "top ten" list that the religion with the highest number of followers in the world is Christianity yet here you report it as only a puny 8th in power, even lower than satanism! Surely, power over humanity is a function of numerical superiority, not whimsical voting by sheep incapable of forming an intelligent opinion.

Powerful because of its proselytizing activities. They know how to control mind of people and make them mad behind few famous sentences... God gave his only son for you : ...(
Jesus died for you :(
Jesus loves you >3 etc etc
Rubbish ! Very irritating
They should first completely follow christ themselves first them teach

4 Buddhism Buddhism

Best religion! Really peaceful, but I think the most making sense religion is Theravada Buddhism. If other people get farther looking on information for Theravada Buddhism they would find out why we are born. Not like other religion they just say "don't care about it just trust" Well Buddha didn't say to trust him, he say to just trust his teachings. A lot of people say that Buddhism just meditate and they will enlighten. No! They also have teachings too! I think people should stop misunderstandings and find out the true answers. If you don't trust me search it up yourself, and you will understand what I am saying.

Oh today, I got new ideas about the current situation of the world. We all live for money, fun and with less care about others. Sri Lanka is the only country which carries Buddhism truly and honestly and Sri Lankan citizens have kind hearted minds. It formed because of Lord Buddha's teachings. However, I hate Racism, but one thing I do need to mention that we do not believes much in Gods or where are they. No one has seen Lord Buddha passed away, but his teachings would not erase forever why god has treated people differently one person with an one eye and meanwhile another with both eyes.

Buddhism is a very intellectual religion that allowed its followers to actually think through their actions.
None of the followers are forced toward one path the lord buddha preached to follow a path to get away from all sufferings, its followers were never forced anyone to follow. The lord Buddha had been a teacher to all, taught its follower the actual consequences of their actions without just enforcing rules.
It is known to be one of the most peaceful religions in the world. Buddhist people always tend to take care of others instead of hearting.
"What goes around comes around" - All the good actions will follow the individual throughout his whole life till the individual end all suffering and achieve Nirvana, so as wise versa. Every harmful actions will make the suffering worse and distance Nirvana from them.

I am a proud disciple of the Lord Buddha, and he is a great mentor. I have no objections with other religions, but I must say that Buddhism is the religion that reveals the correct path to end all suffering. This life is a cycle of birth. We are reborn again and again, and there is no end to suffering, unless we follow the teachings of Buddhism, and once we do that, we are free from all suffering.

Unlike other religions, which are based on One God (the creator and the most omnipotent), we buddhists follow a completely different path. We take Lord Buddha as a Supreme Being - the teacher of gods and human beings alike. He taught us that we most follow the ''Five Precepts'' to escape suffering.

The Five Precepts are mentioned are:
1. Do not drink or take any alcohol, or any drugs or even smoking.
2. Abstain from sexual misconduct.
3. Abstain from telling lies.
4. Abstain from killing animals or any living things.
5. Abstain from stealing or taking anything ...more

5 Sikhism Sikhism

The power of Sikhism has neither decreased through the centuries nor it will in the future, for Sikhism is the soul of strength, kindness, unity and equality. GOD IS ONE, there's no "best religion", this is what we practice and preach. Haters have always lived but the one who has hatred for Sikhism has never survived. Our gurus don't talk about themselves but they talk about the divine God in all the scriptures, this shows how humble they were. May people understand the truth behind this religion for this is something to be treasured.

The qualities of Sikhism can not be described in 26 letters of English. These are much more than that. No combination of alohabet can describe them. This is supreme religion which is based on Meditate, Eat after distribution to others and earn with hard work. This religion always respect humanity.

Sikhs have never endured power by conversion or force like some of the others have in times of conquering human exists. True Sikhs will act bravely and stand upto tyranny. True Sikh practice involves honest living, share with the needy if in a position to do so and mediate on almighty's name in order to take you from darkness to light.

Sikhism believe only one god who is creater of everything and sikh believe in their Guru Granth Sahib and his guru command. I love my sikhism religion.Anybody who have passion to know about this religion going on google and write Guru Granth Sahib and read all things follow these things in our daily life and you can see your result by self. Do hard work and god will help you.

6 Catholicism Catholicism

This is the one founded by Christ, They are the first Christians in the worlds, so it's funny that there is Christianity and they set the Catholic separate when in fact this is the one called Christians and only got called Catholic to distinguish it from Protestants. There are those who called themselves Christians, but it's really a denomination who are known as born again Christians, but all of these don't have roots. All discovered by men founders, except for the Catholic Church who are the true descendants of the early Christians.

There would be no other Christian religion were it not for the Catholic Church, the first Christian Church. Other Christian denominations keep splitting up and going off on their own - you don't like what you see in your christian church, start another one. The problem with that is that they become incoherent, not focused, and less of a spiritual force.

I'm sad by this Catholic comment. Especially mentioning the art. The Vatican had art but that is not the basis for its Christian faith in Jesus Christ. Many times we as Catholics are the worst examples of our faith. God please protect us from our "intelligence" please gives us your wisdom.

The BEST! Unfortunately a few people out of a billion+ members are misguided but I am a proud member! I love really helping people and practicing my faith

7 Satanism Satanism

Ok, yeah, islam and Christianity are very powerful BUT they are NOWHERE near as powerful as this religion is. This religion tells the ultimate truth that Lucifer WILL win over Jesus and Allah and since I'm a Satanist I have ultimate power over everyone except the other Satanists and Lucifer himself. Same goes with the other Satanists on this world.

The other two religions mentioned here only have power over everything via terrorism, lies, and brainwashing.

THIS religion alone is the MOST powerful as it is continually forcing Christians, Catholics, Jews, and Muslims to kiss Allah's and Jesus's ass for all eternity in terror of going to their made-up "bad-place". It is hilarious actually! I love seeing them all 5,000,000,000 people shriek and quake in terror of going to a non-existing jail for all eternity! It truly shows how weak they truly are unlike the other 2,000,000,000 other people on this world! HAHAAHAHAAHAHAA!

Satanism is about being yourself and no one else and comes in 3 ways, but I only recommend Spiritual Satanism. P.S if you think it is so evil and such as people say, then you yourself hasn't even looked it up. Most people of today even acts like Satanists without even knowing.

"This religion is about being yourself" yeah right I know what does "being yourself" means and is that to break the rules because only you have the will to do whatever you want, or something like that. Pathetic manipulation...

8 Judaism Judaism

The simple essence of Judaism is if we follow god's commandments, we will prosper. But if we don't, we will suffer. This came true over 2000 years ago the Jews had a holy temple were god rested. Then we became full of sin and the Romans came and destroyed the temple and we were forced into exile and persecution and misery followed eventually the holocaust occurred and 6 million of us a third of the Jewish population was murdered. But we believe one day, the Jews will rise up against the other religions and rule the world for all eternity god welling.

Ashkenazi Jews are the product of several centuries of selective breeding for literary and mathematical ability in Europe. They are the most intelligent and versatile race on earth.

Jews have been the first monotheistic religion. We MADE Christianity. Jews are in power, everywhere. Keep lying to yourselves. Should be #1

They have such a small religion but look how many noble peace prizes they won!

9 Brahma Kumaris

Established by God Shiva in 1936, Brahma Kumaris organization imparts true Godly Knowledge which helps us to discover our true SELF and our Creator God. The Spiritual knowledge, Rajayoga meditation taught at Brahma Kumaris leads to self transformation, discovery of positive qualities and helps one to lead a very Happy, Peaceful and Blissful Life.

Brahma kumaris gives people the actual meaning of true self and realisation of what we were and what we can become if we walk on the right path.

Only teachings of one GOD SHIVA is taught here

True knowledge is given by the teachers in this organisation and most importantly its free of cost.
And there is no idol worship here.
Must join this organisation and follow it to become what you want to.

Most Wonderful organization, spiritually strong and best place to get knowledge for development of chracter. All the practice is very practical and could be experienced as well.

Spiritualism is the key to a higher knowledge religion just means conformity and is responsible for every war known to mankind and divides all races and cultures.
to live in peace and wellbeing with an open mind being mindful and respectful for all life on this earth and above. Being gratful for ones existence and for what one has even if he has nothing but the air that he breaths he will be at peace and know happiness as breath is the key to life.

10 Iglesia ni Cristo Iglesia ni Cristo

This is the only true Church that established by our Lord Jesus Christ through prophecy.

Proud to be inc

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11 Jainism Jainism

Financially, it is the strongest religion in India, thus, economically very important.
It has the lowest crime percentage, major reason being, the religion is primarily based on concept of non violence.
So rich and peaceful, it basically makes a country everything we want it to be in today's time.

Jainism is the best religion as it thinks for others, LIVE AND LET LIVE, and it taught us ahinsa parmodharm. And Jainisms is an old religion and very difficult to follow, it builds self confidence and control on your mind. Jain munis they don't use vehicles throughout India and follows very strict rules. In short, difficult to describe the greatness of Jainism.

It is the religion believe in nonviolence and Live and Let live. This is scientific and believe in karma and self discipline. No one is creator one will enjoy as per his good or bed deads.

Of all the religions in my knowledge Jainism is the religion which requires most discipline in one's life.
It is not restrictive.
It promotes rational thought and reason.
Freedom from all attachments is the goal.
There is no creator or god, all souls are considered to be equal.
It is the best possible religion one could ever dream of.
I am proud to be a Jain.

12 Mormonism

I am a Mormon, I joined this church when I was 16, and I can say that this church is not only powerful in its actions, but it is powerful to the people and the souls who follow it. I have found that I have a better outlook on life and I am happier and I credit that to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has been a powerful tool to me in becoming more Christ-like and becoming a better follower of Jesus Christ. What other church can do this but the only true one in this world?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints operates the only true religion in our Universe. The LDS Church will grow intil it fills the whole Earth at which time, Jesus Christ will return and reign at the Head of His Church and rule the world during the Millenium.

I am a Mormon, and I believe that our religion is very strong and should be well known just like Christianity.

Many people think a good religion is the longest lasting, but the lds religion has been restored after thousands of years.

13 Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah's Witnesses

Definitely the Truth in a form most of mankind can grasp.

I truly believe in this religion, there isn't any forcing of people to do something they don't want to do, they don't ask for money, if u want to give that's fine but your not told you have to in order to get in the good graces of god, check out this religion & u will see how good people can be!

14 Shintoism Shintoism

Shintoism follows the natural concept of believing there is an individual power behind every force of nature. It's a beautiful religion, and it has had a large influence on Japanese Culture and design. It once was the state religion of Japan, but following WW II it was separated from the state.

I'm 13 and became one at 12! Extremely proud!

Proud of this.

15 Wicca Wicca
16 Zoroastrianism Zoroastrianism
17 Protestantism
18 Scientology Scientology

How do you know it would be a big man? It could be a woman it could be 10 different ones. The Greeks or the Egyptians could've been right.
Or it could be nothing its all over NOOO!

19 Norse

Brothers and sisters! We will drink and we will feast until the day of Ragnarök! And then we will follow the Allfather into battle!

20 Sunni Islam
21 Taoism Taoism

I found the truth in taoism. Taoism nowadays are considered as philosophy than a religion, because its kinda restricted in its mainland, but this religion gives you proofs. This religion tells you to be focused more in life, health and society rather than worry about praying, hell or heaven. We are put in this kind of world to run this world as a good human, not to pursue something afterlife or to be frightened about hell. In this religion, openminded and consciousness is number one. We can freely left old chinese tradition, because religion is not part of that.

This philosophical religion has influenced Chinese civilization for millennia

22 Ravidassia
23 Members Church of God International
24 Confucianism Confucianism Confucianism, also known as Ruism, is described as tradition, a philosophy, a religion, a humanistic or rationalistic religion, a way of governing, or simply a way of life.

A religious philosophy that has influenced East Asian civilization for millennia

25 Chinese Folk Religion Chinese Folk Religion

For millennia it has been a glue that holds Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism together

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