Top Ten Reasons Why Atheism is Terrible

Atheism is arguably one of the most immoral beliefs in the world. Before you think I do, I do NOT hate atheists. I have a lot of atheist friends and family, and I love them to death. I hate atheism itself, and you will see why.
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1 For some atheists life has no meaning

We're talking about the meaning of life, not the meaning of an afterlife ( that can't be proven ). The meaning of life for an atheist is the sense " you " are given to life. Saying that the meaning of life has no sense without a belief of an afterlife is in fact saying that life itself in the present and in the now has no meaning. If you declare that for religious people life on earth has a meaning only when there's a believe and a hope for an afterlife, you are just saying that in this life you are not capable of giving a sense to your own life all by yourself because you need a outside belief to make a life of your own. So, saying that " some (? ) " atheists are given to life no meaning makes no sense because " their own " life is the meaning.

Everything and everyone - you, your best friend, your wife, your husband, your mother and father, your brother and sister, your son and daughter, etc. - is doomed to die relatively quickly, and be completely snuffed out of existence forever. Not long after that, everything in the universe will die or be destroyed, never to return. Nothing anyone or anything does will ever change that. With God, life does not end at the grave, and everything you do can have a true impact on the world.

It seems that the first three items on this list start off with "For some atheists". You should know that most atheists are just living the lives they are trying to live without a lot of religious interaction in the way. If our lives had no meaning, value, or purpose, we would actually be seen as suicidal, but we're not.

Why? Because we don't prey or believe in God? If so, that's bull (from my perspective). I live my life to the fullest despite being Atheist. There are some Atheists out there, including me, that believe life has a meaning. You just have to live it to see that meaning

2 For some atheists life has no value

This is in fact the same argument as the first one. If an atheist gives sense to life ( the meaning of life is the sense you are giving to life! ) he gives obviously value to his life too. If he wouldn't give no value at life it would means that he would suicide himself or killing people around him. Because atheists have morals and ethics too ( see #4 " There is no religious morality " ) they will respect other people's lives and the value of their lives like he gives value to his own life. Many wars and killings in this world are mainly in a name of a god. So, for some religious people life has no value also. In other words, there are bad and good people on this world. Good people can be atheists or religious and bad people can also be atheists or religious. This reason is therefore not very convincing to say that atheism is terrible.

Humans and animals are just byproducts of nature, with no real difference between the two. They're just meat-machines, dancing to their DNA and brain chemicals, with no real free will. There is no real difference between your 6-month-old daughter and a 6-day-old piglet. Both are just animals that are doomed to one day perish forever. With God, you are a fearfully and wonderfully made creation (Psalm 139) that is the greatest part of the world.

I used to suffer from suicidal thoughts when I was religious. No afterlife makes life much more precious and it's much scarier to think of ending it, because you would never get to see your loved ones again and you'll just be... gone.

BryceNRudge Your a really cheerful person.
We are just a piece of meat. (I'm not religious by the way)
They should just legalise cannibalism.

3 For some atheists life has no purpose

For atheists life's purpose is the life there are living here and now. Why should life have a religious purpose? You can only believe in god with the faith that he exists ( there's no proof or evidence that god exists ). In a way, that's like saying that the purpose of life is your faith and your belief in god and not life itselfs. Saying that god exist is a presumption, not even a proposition based on verifications. As long we can not be in a category of verification it's useless trying to prove a theory based on " blind " faith in scientefic fields. And if there's no verification possible it's also ( exept if you're a religious person with the faith that the belief is true ) useless to say that life has a purpose with god but no purpose without that belief. Life itselfs is the purpose of all.

Everything in the entire universe came into being completely by accident. The universe just popped into being out of nothing. Planet Earth was just the result of a bunch of meteors smashing into each other. Animal and plant life is just the result of a few weird chemicals and some electricity. Nothing and no one is here for any real reason at all. With God, you are on this earth for a reason (Jeremiah 29:11), and that reason is for the best of the world.

This is getting repetitive.

4 There is no religious morality

Your comment is really " radical " and almost insulting towards atheists. Atheists have morals and ethics too. Ethics and morals are not exclusive religious concepts. Just because I don't believe in god or religions doesn't mean that I have no respect or that I will lie and cheat around me. You don't need religious morality to be respectful and to be a good person. Morals and common sense can be learned without religion.

When a lion kills a zebra, it does kill the zebra, but it doesn't murder the zebra. When a male shark forcibly mates with a female shake, it does forcibly mate with her, but it doesn't rape her. Behaviors like that happen every day in the animal kingdom. Animals do not have a real sense or morality. They just do whatever they want and no one says that's it's wrong. And, on atheism, humans are just another type of animal. So there's nothing really wrong with a man raping a woman or killing another man. Every moral proposition is just a matter of opinion. With God, we have a standard of right and wrong by God's very nature that tells us how to behave.

No but there's family values and free thought value, and I would 100% take that value than from an book that's way too old

5 We cannot trust our own brains

On atheism, human beings just evolved into our physical forms through natural selection, a completely blind, random and unguided process. Are we really able to trust our brains when they came from nothing but chaos, death and destruction? Why should we trust our brains anymore than we would trust the brain of a baboon, or even the brain of a rat? With God, we were created by His power and intelligence, in His image, and so can trust everything we know about ourselves.

I trust my own brain. It contains all the knowledge I have learned over the years, and it helps me think about what I decide to do

6 It may have created some monsters

Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Il, and so many more evil men (and women) - all atheists. None of them believed they were being watched or judged. All of them believed the world revolved around them. All of them decided that they would decide for themselves what was right and wrong. None of them cared who was affected in the process. And the entire world continues to pay the price for all of them to this day. With God, there is no evil deed ever done in all history that will go unpunished. Every single moral monster in the world, including all of the ones listed above, will get exactly what they deserve: eternal punishment.

If god created his " creation " at his image it would really be ridiculous to say that the " monsters " are not of his creation. This would be actually the proof of saying that god didn't create after his image. And if you are saying that this " monsters " are indeed his creation it would mean that god created " monsters " and also " atheism ". But that would make god immoral. I'm not saying that these people were good people with right ideas, but saying that these people are a product of atheism is false. Like I pointed out at " For some atheists life has no value ", good or bad people can be seen with atheists but also with religious people. Christianism have killed many people in history, the Islam are killing many people in the name of allah, jews are bombing and killing children and women whenever there's a " revenge " justified in Israel etc... Monsters are creations from nature, not from atheism or religion.

Meanwhile some great atheists had been murdered.
I'm a Millennial so I'm too young to remember John Lennon.

7 It may have driven people to the very end

Every 15 minutes, someone somewhere commits suicide out of despair and hatred for themselves and the world. Most, if not all, of those people don't believe there is any hope for them at all because there is nothing in this world or beyond this world that can save them from themselves. They don't feel loved, they don't feel they can do anything, they don't feel that they mean anything, they don't feel that they would be missed, they don't feel that anyone would be affected, etc. They feel completely alone, with no one to love them. They feel that if they just annihilate themselves out of existence, the world would be a better place. And on atheism, they are all absolutely right about everything they feel and believe. With God, every single person that feels nothing but despair is loved dearly. If you are in that position right now, you are not alone. You have a Heavenly Father that wants nothing more than to love you and help you. You are precious in His sight, and if you allow Him, He ...more

Suicide is a lack of chemicals in our brains ( mostly Serotonine, Dopamine, Acetylcholine, Nor-Adrenaline etc... ) due to circumstances at a certain point in life for some people. There are many reasons why suddenly someone will feel a depression and this can happen to atheists as well to religious people. When the chemicals are not properly produced anymore and will go to a critical point, hope and the will for life will stop ( this will for life, hope and " faith in god " will stop for religious people too! No exeptions here when the chemicals in the brain are stopped with produce them. ) and push people to do the act of suicide. This has nothing to do with religion or atheism. And saying that no religious man or woman has never commited suicide in the history of mankind would be very hypocritical to declare. This is really a lame argument to say that atheism is terrible.

For me, it was the other way round. The idea of no afterlife makes life SO much more precious.

8 It can destroy all hope for some people

This proves that the difference between religion and atheism is simple:Religion is very warm while atheism is extremely cold.

Well count me in to that, I'm atheist my self. I don't care about hope, but lying can't escape either. You people believe that easily, some of us are just lying to it. Don't worry atheist doesn't use hope for long living they use hope for dying. Isn't it right my fellows? Like, what's the point of living anyway? Die live die live die live that's what Christianity said reincarnation!

Hope for an eternal life, really? Is that your goal in life? When someone dies it's over forever and what still remains are memories of the deceased one. Hope is something for the life you're living now. Not for an afterlife because that would be admitting that you don't have hopes for here and now but only for a eternity. It's also admitting that you're afraid of death in this life ( you only are not afraid of death because you have a blind faith and belief that life will never stop ). Also, people who lose hope in their lives have probably a lack of chemicals in their brains ( see my comment above on " driven people to the end " ). This again has nothing to do with atheism. If you want to believe in eternal life, fine by me, it doesn't bother me. But saying that atheists are terrible and bad people because they have trust in the life of here and now but not in an afterlife ( because they don't believe in that ) is again a poor argument. Having hope for life here and not for an ...more

Have you ever lost someone you love so much? A grandparent? A parent? A sibling? God-forbid, a child? Well, on atheism, you will never, EVER see them again. They're gone forever. They're bodies go into the ground and becomes nothing but bones, and then nothing but dust. When they're gone, it's completely over. And soon, it will be the exact same for you. You can't escape death, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try. One day, you will disappear out of existence as well, never to see the light of day ever again. With God, life does not end at the grave. You have the promise of eternal life with the greatest being in existence. All you have to do is believe, and you will never die (John 3:16).

9 It denies some common sense

What do we know about the world? We know that nothing comes from nothing. On atheism, everything came from nothing. We know that human beings are conscious and can reason. On atheism, humans are just machines that don't reason at all; they just react to their surroundings. We know that messages and information (such as DNA) only come from intelligent minds. On atheism, all messages (including DNA) come from mindlessness. And we know that there are true good things and true bad things in the world. On atheism, there's no such thing as "true good" or "true bad". With God, every single common sense thing we know about the world is true. We don't have to shove aside our brains to accept the truth.

It denies common sense? Is exact science nonsense? We only can make conclusions with verifications of facts that are in categories of observations. A presumption of a speculative fact is not an ontologic fact. Religion is based on a speculative knowledge or in an other word, a theory ( the greek word Theorema means " speculative knowledge " ) and certainly not a logical exact ontologic proof. Religion can't even be called a proposition since verification of the proposed theory is impossible. Science has also many theories but it has also a lot of facts that are proven and exact ( DNA is a proven exact fact that can be verificate, choise and preferences are chemical mechanisms that can be understand and proven with verifications etc... ). With science we come closer and closer ( slowly but surely ) to the understanding of life and one day we will be able to understand with facts that can be put in a category of verifications our origins. This progress of science cannot be denied. It ...more

And how does it makes sense that a magic man just popped into existence and starting creating huh? HUH, HUH?!

Look who's talking

10 It's boring

That's purely your subjective opinion! Objective this makes no sense just because your argument and your comment thinks that atheism is all about power, food, sex, entertainment etc... I have a family, a wife, children who I take care of by going everyday ( not the W.E ) to work to be able to support my family. I have my hobbies... In other words, I'm a happy person and I'm certainly not living a decadent lifestyle, cheat, lie or have desires of more materialism in my life. Your arrogance by judging people like atheists is out of line by thinking that they are terrible people. You have to learn to see the world in a different angle, steppin' out of your judging view of this world and maybe you will understand the real meaning of life. Understand that not everything is black and white. Not terrible atheists and all-good religious people.

You probably have a lot of fun in your life. Food, sex, money, power, entertainment, etc. But you gotta admit, after awhile, they all start to get boring. You start to desire more and more of it, plus more and more stuff that is completely new. But you can't get any more of it, and you can't get anything new. What we have is all there is. We have absolutely no way of being completely satisfied with anything. But with God, we have the promise of being satisfied with pleasure for all eternity.

Using our own evolved brain to attempt to explain how we came to exist on a rock that circles a giant nuclear explosion while suspended in an infinite universe is the farthest thing from boring that I can think of.

This might be the only item on the list that's actually correct. Life for atheists tends to get boring, but there are always ways to find excitement.

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11 It's wrong

Says who? Right or wrong facts can be proven with exact knowledge. If you mean " wrong " in the emotional sense, well, that's an ethical fact. What can be wrong for one person can be right for another and vice-versa because ethics are relative. They are not given by a god! Why should it? You are the one who decides what's wrong or right. It's not god who decides for you. And if you would give the argument that god has give you free will to choose, then again, what if the person is convinced of " his " right choice? Would it be his fault? God give him free will but he didn't give the manual for what to say what's wrong or right? And don't tell me that the bible is the manual. This was written by humans. And there are many humans ( other races, other beliefs etc... ) who will never care or be interested in that " particular " manual which for them is no more than a strange exotic foreign book.

This is retarded. Atheists have on average a higher IQ than idiotic Christians. There is scientific proof that the earth is billions of years old and that the big bang is real.

I'm not hurting anyone.

12 No hope for salvation in Judgment Day

So Jesus the prince of peace, comes back as a monster yes he this planet on judgement day the world will end in chaos. People who never hurt a fly but didn't believe the Bible are sent to Hell. But everyone else is sent to eternal life.

Just curious; what even is Judgment Day? I don't get it...

It's a day when all humans that have lived will be for heaven or hell

13 They always just assume Christians are trying to force their faith on them.

We only force religion onto atheists because we are trying to save them. Would they rather we just let them burn in the fiery pits of hell?

That's the only thing true about me on this list. Because it always happens to me and it's really annoying

14 They think the earth is millions of years old

Scientists have calculated Earth to be approximately 4.54 billion years old and it is believed by some to be off by nearly 50 million years. Earth is NOT millions of years old, it is billions of years old.

15 They make crude religious jokes.

I don't. I just try to stay away from religious jokes because people get easily offended nowadays

16 They think Christianity is evil
17 They enforce a Communist ideology

According to Karl Marx, he thinks that Religions is an opium to people.

18 They think people becoming religious changes them

I only hate the atheists that say stuff like "I can't believe people believe in that stuff" "God is your imaginary friend" or "Bible is a history book" which is a lot of them I've seen. IN MY OPINION I feel people should be religious/believe in a God/s, but that's only my opinion.

19 They think the existence of religion is wrong
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