Top Ten Reasons Why Heaven is Better Than Hell

The Top Ten
1 Heaven is paradise while hell is torture

I agree with this list.

This list is factual

This list is factual.

2 In heaven you can do anything that you can dream of while in hell you can't do anything that you want

It depends on what you wanna do - some people would like to swear with no restrictions (I'm not among them) which I guess is allowed in hell but not in heaven.

3 Heaven is meant to be good while hell is supposed to be horrible
4 It is the perfect temperature in heaven while it is thousands of degrees in hell
5 In heaven, you would see angels and in hell, you would see demons
6 There are only nice people in heaven

Because bad people won't sent to heaven.

It should be they can't have evil people.

7 You see God while in heaven but you see Satan in hell
8 Heaven is not a scary place
9 In heaven, you would see famous dead people that you would want to see.
10 Heaven has beautiful colors

I can't wait to get to see the glorious colors of gold, silver, purple and many others. Hell is just black.

The Contenders
11 Heaven is peaceful
12 The Devil is the music composer of sonic CD (USA version)

I see what you did there! It's not funny, But I see what you did! - Stakamakataka

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