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1 Sikhism

Full of supreme sacrifices made against tyranny, oppression, injustice, exploitation and forced conversions.

We love everyone & pay respect to all religion.

This religion is so honest holy and peaceful helping too

1).In Sikhis we believe in one god called waheguru.
2).in Sikhism Sikh secrifies his life for humanity.
3).Sikhism had the most respected holy book shri guru granth sahib g maharaj.
4).Sikhism teach us,Sikhs should not to become bagger.
5).And Also in our paryer we pray to god for whole world - sharandeepsingh

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2 Hinduism

I am proud that I was born in Hindu family. I pray god make this world a peaceful

I am agree with you because Hinduism can give the values of life

Hinduism : A religion who has tolerated the most and still the Purest and the Best one

All religions are same our religion teach us to keep the humanity above any other emotion towards religion and caste, this makes a difference between human and devil...

Hindus love and respect all religions but Islam and Christians can't love other religions.

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3 Jainism

Jain is the only religion who says"live and let live". People are free to follow their religion and tradition. Never enforce other to change their religion.

Jainism: The religion of kings, the king of religions.
This religion is eternal, it does not end or start with creation/devastation of the world. It's basic principles are non-violence (in thoughts, speech and action), truth, honesty, chastity, satisfaction with what one has.

Jainism is not only for jains but all humanity. Any can attain enlightenment through his hard penance like fasts, meditation and non violence. By this we can destroy our past karmas and attain all knowledge I. E enlightenment!

Best religion in world

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4 Islam

Islam is not for Muslim Islam is for all human

Islam is clear like mirror

Fastest growing religion in the world and that too among the educated youth. So my dear friends open your eyes and gather some knowledge about the true religion. Don't remain ignorant when you are far more intelligent to accept the best.

I think all religion teaches same basic principles. All religions are best.

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5 Buddhism

Peaceful, caste-less, no discrimination on the basis of by birth, metta, scientific, knowing self, not to have any orthodox, compassion, wisdom, Not to believe about World creation or a creator.. Totally scientific based

A religion based on Scientific facts... Where there is no inequality between humans, no cast-ism and no sub castes... Way to live good life...

First of all why is this published for comparing cast and religious?
For me all religious are same and the peoples who are saying there religious is best are the stupid fellows in this world.

Be scientific and improve the world.
The term god is a widest meaning yet nobody have seen the god.

The god term is that who has created this world and nobody knows well about hows this universe is formed.

First you all people please think the god you saying like jesus. Krishna or any other how they came in this universe?

Am very proud that am buddhism

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6 Ravidassia

Rabid as is not a separate religion, it's philosophy is the same as Sikhism. Creating a sect out of same values didn't create a new religion.

It is the best religion because of it respect all the religions and explore itself with a good way.

The religion believes in peacefully and let other people live

Jai gurudev

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7 Christianity

Glory Be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I Respect of Christian Religion

The way the truth and the life is Jesus. Without Him nobody go near to God

Its not about a religion it's a relation between you in the great "I AM"who was and
who is to come

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8 Gandhism

This is not come under religion

Please do not consider this as religion.
Please delete this option


I do not practice any kind of religion, but it seems relgion is a collection of ideas, stories, or "so-called" word of god or a person or a action thereof to set a person or person in certain path or direction. This seems this is no different. I am just a very poor sometimes starving individual who needs no relgion per say or daity to tell me right from wrong. Religious type written guides and books can sometimes be useful but are often full of metifors that are out of date and/or no longer apply. The writings of this person may shed some light to some so ot NO different that any other. "so-called" holy book the koan, bible, and scrolls of Buddha included. One has just look at Myanmar and the Ryhinga it seems Buddhists there just like the Zionest in the Israel government are the same just like old South Africa in the days of partied. It is who controls the narrative that wins the day. The narrtive is a relgion of control aka propaganda.

9 Vaishnavism

Is the best one

Maheshwari are the best

Vaushnavisam is a branch of Hinduism that prays lord Krishna. Lord Krishna us the god who

I love lord vishnu

10 Judaism

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11 Shaivism

Being practical is followed in shaivism

Lord Shiva... Is devadidev mahadev...

12 Radhasoami

Radhasoami ji

Radha soami ji... radha means soul and soami or swami means lord.. teaches us spiritual path and real purpose of life.
radhasoami ji

13 Zoroastrianism

These people had sacrificed for the growth of economy in India

Looks accepting of other religion with regards to its founder

14 Brahmanism

Brahmins are son of God, who teaches the society about religion, well being give knowledge of how to live with cooperation with each other.

I proud to be brahmin

Brahmins were poor tribes from Europe who came to India to open their pussies to Rich kings. they call themselves Gods.

Brahmins are best

15 Lingayats

Lingayat is the best community in the world as it believes in equality of all persons. First religion who gave equal position to women.

Sorry never heard about this religion but if you read history Sikhism was first to give equal rights to women and also first to start fight for human rights and Red Cross help to sick and wounded

I proud that I am lingayat
It keep me away from non veg

Only Lingayat religion have 770 founders. Lingayat is first democratic religion in the world. So please become lingayat. You may read about lingayats on

16 Swaminarayan

My religion is swaminarayan and I proud to be with them

My religion is swaminarayan

My religion is swaminarayan and I proud to be with them jay swaminarayan

I am prouds to be a swaminarayn

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17 Ravidassia Dharam

I proud to be ravidassia

Proud to be Ravidassia

Jai guru dev

Ravidasiaa Dharam is my soal...

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18 Sanamahism

I love my religion...It is the true and indigenous religion of Meetei and other in Kangleipak or Manipur.


Jai srila prabhupad by yathartha singh

20 Baha'i
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