I am proud to be a Jain. Because Jainism do not give permission to take the soul if we couldn't create a soul... Let this for GOD as we are human being and have no rights to kill any life...

Jain is the only religion who says"live and let live"

Jainism is scientific and practical religion.

BAsed on science and not any unrealistic stories. it talks about self, non violence, truth.

I am proud to being born as jain and I will do my best to be true jain.

Jainism teaches non violence and humanity towards all sections of people irrespective of castes and religions.

I am proud that I was born in jain family

In Jainism no one is God. Everyone can become God by his KARMA.

Jain is the only religion who says"live and let live". People are free to follow their religion and tradition. Never enforce other to change their religion.

I have been reading about jainism recently, never heard of it before. I find myself gradually and incrementally drifting that way naturally I don't practice any kind of religion. Just a person who likes saving spiders and worms for no particular reason and forever feels guilty eating the poor little pig or cow pr even the chicken, but is very poor and sometimes starving and does.

Oldest living religion in the world

Jain is bast religion in the world. Because this is scientific religion.

Jainism is really based on sacrifice n there is science 2 support that.

Its motto is 'ahimsa parmo dharma' - which means nonviolence is the utmost religion encouraging peace, harmony, nonviolence and brotherhood in every form whatsoever..

It provide peace in the outer world as well as to the soul.

There is no other religion in the universe which has principles, Jainism has ever given to the mankind. "Live And Let Live"

Jainism is very important to live and let live to everyone on the earth

Jain is the only religions base on live let live and non violence.

I am proud to be born in the kain family

Jain is the oldest religion & its thoughts and ethics in every religions in the world as "live and live"

Most earth friendly religion, it teaches humanity and respect for all life on mother earth.

Jainism: king of religion: an eternal soul of people.

Jain is world's best religion n I m proud to be jain

Best Religion of world. I proud to be jain

Best religions giving dip knowledge about life