This is essence of all the good common values that a human can practice without superstitions and afraid of social practices, without religious divide. This religion doesn't forcefully covert people nor do they have missionaries to bring people under their fold.

I am proud to be born in Sikh religion family

Sikhism is the youngest religion in the world, proud to be a Sikh

We believe in equality and justice. Easily die for humanity. No force no fear only believe in god

Sikhism teaches, democracy, elevates women's status, respect for all.

Sikhism was never forced on others

Because its carry lots of pride with it

Greatest of all religion. Full of supreme sacrifices made against tyranny, oppression, injustice, exploitation and forced conversions.

The bravest religion in the world is Sikhism and the religion which sacrifice the most for others

This the only religion in whole world. Where food is given free and to everyone and 24 hours of day.

Teaching of guru... What else is required

Sikhism teaches that people should not be differentiated on any basis. God is one and all are Gods child. Just be a good person.

Sikhism is the best religion in the world. In best it includes most helpful, bravest, honest, and heroes of their home country India...

It's great religion in the world, go through the history of the Sikhism, what all sacrifice they done for the people's on the earth

They can sacrifice their lives even for other religions and has happened many times history is proof

Sikhism is the best religion because it always stand up against tyranny, atrocity etc

Guru Nanak dev is great man. Sikhism is faith on only god. Sikh always on hard work, ten %donation and faith on god.

Sikh is always help to poor and not divided to people at any base God is one

The best religion out there as they live for humanity in general, not for a particular sector, not for any country, but for humanity in general!

Puts emphasis on connecting with God not just believing in him

Most bravest and kindest peoples on earth belongs to this religion

Truth is high still higher is truthful life.

If today Hinduism is on top, this is with the help of Sikhism only.

One god & equality for all human beings

I proud be part of Sikhism religion...

I feel so happy born in a wonderful religion