Best Ren and Stimpy Episodes


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1 I Was A Teenage Stimpy
2 Space Madness, Big Baby Scam, and Ren's Bitter Half
3 Stimpy's Invention

This episode is pure gold. Kids will literally laugh their HEADS off because of Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Happy happy, joy joy!

4 School Mates and Big House Blues
5 The Last Tempratition
6 Space Madness
7 Sven Hoek

BEST. EPISODE. EVER. this deserves to be #1. also did you see sven in the episode jerry the belly button elf?

The first one I watched. Also my favorite

8 Who's Stupid Now?
9 Rubber Nipple Salesmen
10 Stimpy's Fan Club

"They think he's a GOD...

BUT HE'S AS MORTAL AS WE." - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 Ren's Retirement
12 A Scooter For Yaxmas
13 Son Of Stimpy
14 Man's Best Friend

This should be higher! Besides the oar scene (which somehow I didn't find disturbing in the slightest) this episode is actually pretty funny!

Only good episode of the adult series because it was made for the original but got BANNED! - Goatworlds

15 Pen Pals
16 A Yard Too Far
17 A Visit To Anthony

Anthony's dad is an amazing character

18 In the Army
19 Big House Blues
20 Sammy And Me
21 The Big Shot!
22 To Salve and Salve Not!
23 Lumber Jerks
24 Insomniac Ren
25 Untamed World
26 Nurse Stimpy
27 A Scooter for Yaksmas
28 Hermit Ren
29 Ren's Pecs
30 Stimpy's Big Day

I actually REALLY like this episode. It's the first one, so it's calmer than usual. Sure the ending is a bit cliche, but it's just so charming!

31 The Boy Who Cried Rat!
32 Fire Dogs
33 Marooned
34 Big Baby Scam
35 Haunted House
36 The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen
37 Stimpy's Cartoon Show
38 Hard Times for Haggis

The first Ren & Stimpy episode I ever saw.

39 Road Apples
40 Circus Midgets
41 Jerry the Bellybutton Elf
42 It's a Dog's Life
43 Lair of the Lummox
44 Egg Yolkeo
45 My Shiny Friend
46 Superstitious Stimpy
47 Stupid Sidekick Union
48 Travelogue
49 Hair of the Cat
50 City Hicks
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