Top 10 Renditions of Lower Brinstar from the Super Metroid Soundtrack


The Top Ten

1 Brinstar Bog Depths (Super Metroid mixed with Prime 2)
2 Lomen Brinstar (Piano)
3 Red Soil (Samus Returns 3DS)
4 Torvus Bog Submerged Temple (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)
5 Original 1994 Version (Super Metroid)
6 Lower Kraidstar (Piano)
7 Techno Remix (Retro Specter)
8 Acapella Cover (Jaron Davis)
9 Lonely Petals (OC Remix)
10 Acapella Cover (Smooth McGroove)

The Contenders

11 Into The Depths (Hauntershadow)
12 Red Brinstar Alternate (Kottpower)
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Updated 4 Feb 2018

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Top Remixes

1. Brinstar Bog Depths (Super Metroid mixed with Prime 2)
2. Lomen Brinstar (Piano)
3. Red Soil (Samus Returns 3DS)


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