Top Ten Most Repetitive Arguments to Prove Mario Is Better Than Sonic

When it comes to trying to prove Mario is better than sonic, people bring up the same thing about sonic making him look bad

The Top Ten

1 Keep Mentioning Sonic 2006

We all know it's a bad game alright?

Should I start listing bad Mario games then? - Zombieman99

Hotel Mario, enough said, at least Sonic 2006 was not a MS paint nightmare - Maddox121

They both have their fair share of bad games. - nintendofan126

There are no bad canon Mario games whatsoever. More than half of sanics games are crap.

2 Mario Is In a Relationship With a Princess

Yeah and sonic gets with ALL the ladies - Zombieman99

At least Mario has a relationship, this proves that no one likes Sonic (except for Amy, but she’s a toddler)

3 Mario Has Fire Powers

Mario has a fire element, acrobatic skills, strength, and high jumps (all not including power ups). Despite the fact that he’s an overweight man most likely in his 40’s, he has these awesome skills!
But let’s focus on the fact that Sonic can run even though it’s already been done a million times! (Road Runner, Speedy Gonzales, Flash, Dash) 🙄

4 Mario Went Into Space!

Sonic went into space in a canon game before Mario - Maddox121

It's not big deal - Delgia2k

Sonic did too. 6 times... - Zombieman99

Your little sanic never innovated games at all.

5 Mario Hasn't Changed

Whoever says Mario hasn't changed is a fool. Mario has innovated 2d and 3d games, and far beyond that. Galaxy is super innovative for its gravity mechanics.

Do you think all that running made sonic Fat? - Zombieman99

6 Sonic Is Bad Because He Has a Full Voice

People actually say this! It's hilarious because they don't fully understand sonic's HILARIOUS jokes cockiness, everything! - Zombieman99

7 Sonic Is Overpowered With Super Sonic

In sonic forces it is not

I actually agree with this.. - Zombieman99

I agree with this, super sonic and his werehog transformations are the only ones in the whole sonic series. Mario has lots of transformations:
1. Mr. L, The Green Thunder (from Luigi)
2. Shadow Queen (from Peach)
3. Ghost Toad (from a Toad)
4. Ghost Mario (from Mario)
5. Crappy (Mario’s hat which Mario can use to become ANYBODY HE THROWS IT TO)

8 Sonic Has Different Plots!

Uh, so does Mario:
1. Party series (which Sonic copied)
2. Kart series (which Sonic also copied)
3. Sports series
4. Galaxy series
5. Mario and Luigi series
6. Odyssey
7. Super Smash Bros (includes both Mario and Sonic)
8. Spin-offs (Luigi has 5, Peach has 1, Toad has 1, Yoshi has about 2 or 3)
So are you telling me all these things aren’t variety?

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