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1 (Insert Anything About Justin Bieber)

Just don't get me started on how old this joke is. - PositronWildhawk

While I despise Justin Bieber and his songs, lists like these are one of the reasons why the guy is still famous. It's really not just the retarded fan girls that seem to prolong his fame, is it?

I see Justin Bieber lists all the time. It's hard to avoid them. - letdot52

... And this list even follows that theme. -_-

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2 Reasons To Hate/Not Hate (Insert Famous Person, Franchise, Song, etc.)

These lists really drive me insane. - PositronWildhawk

Appear often but they are interesting lists

3 Best Users Of TheTopTens Of (Insert Category)

Let me guess who's number one BRIT GIRL no of fence but some of your fans will attack anyone if they don't put Brit girl number 1 - Ihaskitty1234

The number of lists related to this have increased so much that they have lost their value altogether. Only "Top 10 Users Of TheTopTens" is enough I guess. - Kiteretsunu

Why? You are always on them. Its always you and Britgirl. - LokiLover2000

All these lists consist of are the same people... They are really all the same. - RaineSage

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4 Most (Insert Negative Quality) Religions

These lists are numerous, and a number of them are sickening. Why can't we all learn to respect belief? - PositronWildhawk

I agree. Everyone has their opinions and some of them are good opinions. These lists should be deleted. - funnyuser

I'm a Catholic, but I don't bash Protestants because they don't follow the pope. - Turkeyasylum

You should be respectful of others beliefs, that is, if the person in question with that said belief deserves respect. If only if we can get along.

This kind of lists must be removed. It's offending everyone - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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5 Reasons Why Britgirl Is (Insert Quality)

To be fair, I'm flattered by most lists but the list about users who should date me made me cringe. Just too weird even to be a joke. - Britgirl

Who cares? There are hardly any popular top ten users anyway & nobody really cares about the ones here

Especially users of TheTopTens who should date Britgirl was bad. That list was just creepy. - Turkeyasylum

Can we focus on other users of the top tens? - TeenTitansGoSucks

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6 Reasons Why (Insert Music Artist) Is Better Than (Insert Another Music Artist)

Especially when the artists are completely different and have nothing to do with each other... like, Top Ten Reasons Why The Beatles Are Better Then Justin Bieber... - Lucretia

People have been drawing ridiculous comparisons with these lists. - PositronWildhawk

These are the worst lists ever. Reasons why the word " like " is better than Justin Bieber. - funnyuser

I once saw a list titled "Why Justin Bieber is Better than Kendrick Lamar", and another one titled "Why Justin Bieber is better than Jackie Evancho." (I don't even know who Evancho is, but Bieber is better than nobody. )
Suprisingly (probably not, though), both lists were made by SelfDestruct. - TheLister

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7 (Insert Theme For A Popular List) To Jackie Evancho

I've been a member of a music forum for several months and have yet to see her name mentioned in a discussion. Yet she gets sooo much attention here, whether it's by having her songs voted to the top of almost all of my general music lists, being placed at the top of multiple female singers lists or being hated on. - PetSounds

Don't we all hate this unnecessary rage towards her? Side-note: I'm not a Jackie Evancho fan. - PositronWildhawk

On on of my music lists most of my votes have been for her though I have no idea who she is and why she's popular - Curti2594

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8 Worst Songs Of (Insert Category) In Which All Songs Are By One Artist That The Listmaker Hates

I once saw a list titled "Most Important Rap Songs". Every spot was songs by Sage The Gemini. Another one was titled "Most Pointless Rap Songs". Every spot was songs by Lupe Fiasco.
Both lists were made by NegatronWildhawk. - TheLister

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9 Interesting Facts About (Insert TopTenner)

I got to admit, these lists are pointless. I've done one before in the past, but that was before I realized there's no reason to make these kinds of lists. No offense to the people who do these lists, but we don't need to know what about you. Some of the facts are just obvious to know. - MostTalented_BoyX

It's the best way for people to know you without looking at the profile page!

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10 Reasons To Listen To (Insert Music Genre)

It's like people are trying to force us all to like black metal or hip-hop. - PositronWildhawk

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11 Top Ten Users Who Should Date (Insert User)

There's four now, and they're nothing but pathetic. Hopefully all the banging the makers of these lists do against their phone screens will eventually break them. - PositronWildhawk

Okay, that is just wrong. Most of the people on this website have never met each other so I don't think anyone should be dating. - swrs1234

There s three of these annoying lists. - Turkeyasylum

This kind of lists are just creepy - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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12 Worst Things to Find In (Insert Place Here)

I do confess to having made several of these, all of which are particularly popular; and I like them myself, but I try not to take it too far. - PositronWildhawk

Well... I have been thinking of making these lists, but for some reason, I can't think of anything ideal. - MostTalented_BoyX

I have also made a few, but if it annoys anyone I will stop. - Therandom

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13 Words to Describe (Insert Thing)

Words to desribe the sun, words to describe this list, words to describe Nicki Minaj, these gets so annoying eventually. - Lucretia

14 Dumbest Lists Of (Insert Category)

Some people just do this to criticise. - PositronWildhawk

15 Characters who should beat up (Insert hated character)

This type of list has made new types of lists, such as beating up people, people beating ip characters, and people beating up people. I do admit to making "Users of TheTopTens who should beat up Justin Bieber" though. - Turkeyasylum

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16 Top Ten Episodes That would be made in (Insert number) Of TheTopTens TV shows

O admit to beginning the sequel idea. Someone suggested it to me. Luckily, those lists were all merged, but there are countless ripoffs of my list. I mean, you guys like the list, but why so many ripoffs of ir? - Turkeyasylum

17 Top Ten Reasons Why (insert thing here) is better than (insert an unrelated thing here)

Like reasons why Adventure Time is better than Ebola!

I know

Top Ten Reasons Why Curtains Are Better Then Cars
Top Ten Reasons Why Dirt Is Better Then Christmas Trees
Top Ten Reasons Why Transition Metals Are Better The Color Orange

There is endless combinations and we on't need any - Lucretia

18 Best (Insert Popular Music Artist) Songs

What do you have against these lists? Why wouldn't you want to promote the best songs from a musician you like? - PositronWildhawk

What's wrong with these lists? Should we only make best song lists about unpopular artists? - naFrovivuS

19 Best Songs From (Insert Album)

These aren't that bad, whats worse is top ten song between album a and album b - Lucretia

20 Worst Things That Could Happen at/on/to (Insert place, holiday, or thing Here)
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