Most Repetitive Themes for a Modern Song

That's right it's my comeback list! And it better not get merged (i'm looking at you admin)

The Top Ten

1 Partying

Every single song has to have partying in it I don't know why some singers have all their songs about partying - simpsondude

Partying, partying, and more partying. Is partying all you do?

2 Money

Epecially the rap industry nearly every rapper raps about money - simpsondude

3 Sex

This is basically the rap industry version of love - simpsondude

Not really anything new. - PetSounds

Sex doesn't equal love.

4 Butts

It's starting to become annoying. Any song having to do with any pop star (Minaj, Pitbull, etc. ) includes something to do with a butt. - MrRealityTV

Again rap industry these songs are everywhere (Anaconda, Booty, Wiggle etc. ) - simpsondude

They worship butts like it's Jesus.

5 Love

This isn't a bad thing though - simpsondude

It’s not a bad thing o sing about, it’s just what everyone sings about
Like listening to your favorite song on repeat forever, it just gets boring

Come on. Love isn't that bad. Love is a good thing in life. Even if this is overused, it's better know...stuff I'm not gonna say.

6 Girls

This isn't the same as love or sex its just a teens version of a love song - simpsondude

7 Fame

I should of put this up higher on the list but I'm too lazy now so... Eh - simpsondude

8 Drugs

Again rap industry wow the rap industry is going down hill - simpsondude

9 Heartbreak

Again not a bad thing - simpsondude

10 Deception

The Contenders

11 Drinking

Especially the country industry this proves that every celebrity gets drunk once in a while - simpsondude

12 Satanism

Satanism? What popular song has satanism in it?

Lots of Metal songs. VVV

13 Hating On Police

Why not a song about police brutality, not just mindlessly hating on policemen because you don't get to do illegal things.

14 Weed
15 Committing Crimes
16 Smoking
17 Not Obeying Orders
18 Revenge
19 Popularity
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