Top 10 Republics of the Soviet Union


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1 Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

We're the capital of the entire USSR was located.

The most important republics of the Soviet Union - CerealSovietDude_1984

Soviet Union is the worst thing that ever happened in the history of Europe

2 Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
3 Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic
4 Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic


5 Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic

The birth place of Joseph Stalin - CerealSovietDude_1984

6 Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic

Lithuania was occupied by the Soviet union in 1940, 120.000 thousand people were deported to Siberia in animal transportation trains from 1941 to 1952. If you were against the Soviet regime,you would be shot, or deported. All communications with the outside world was banned, people were learning propaganda, there was barely any food in the start of the occupation. And 50 years later when all the occupied countries regained independence,some people are still living in fear, and brain washed by the Russians. Here you go

7 Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic
8 Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic
9 Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic
10 Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic
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1. Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
2. Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
3. Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic


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