Top Ten Requested Possible Females for Smash 5 NX


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21 Marie (Splatoon)
22 Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark)
23 Lana (Hyrule Warriors)
24 Lip (Panel de Pon)

I.e. the fairy who is the rightful owner of Lip's Stick. Well, her and/or any of the other fairies from her game.

No, having the Lip's Stick item (i.e. the "flower wand") shouldn't mean she can't be present as a character. After all, we have the Screw Attack despite Samus being present since the N64 days and in Brawl we still had Pokeballs despite the Pokemon Trainer's presence.

25 Midna (Legend of Zelda) Midna (Legend of Zelda)
26 Princess Agitha (Legend of Zelda)
27 Reese (Animal Crossing)
28 Gracie (Animal Crossing)

Re: having her so as to finally beat the crap out of her, well, yeah, so long as they don't make her super duper cheap and annoying to fight against and only address that by forcing everyone install what really only amounted to a placebo like with a certain very overrated addition to Smash.

At least this way you can finally give her what she deserves for breaking your GameCube controller's A button only to say you still did a poor job waxing her car or for saying you flunked her fashion checks over one silly little thing.

29 Paula (Earthbound)
30 Anna (Fire Emblem)

Before anyone else comments, I mean the recurring merchant character who has actually appeared in some way in every "Fire Emblem" game to date. This has duck call to do with any animated films.

31 Carmen Sandiego Carmen Sandiego

No, not a troll suggestion. She was a video game character before and since her television career in the mid-90s. Regardless of what you remember her from, her iconic status and her being such a Strong Independent Woman surely merits her a spot, no?

32 Lyndis (Blazing Sword) Lyndis (Blazing Sword)

Please Nintendo, give her the Little Mac treatment and make her not an assist trophy next game!

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