Top 10 Resident Evil 5 Characters


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1 Chris Redfield Chris Redfield

I always prefer Jill over Chris, but this time it was Chris, especially in this game.

Chris looks so awesome in this game. I adore him - Magnolia

2 Sheva Alomar

I think sheva's pretty cool. I haven't played the full game of re 5, but I think she's a very good character that can really kick some ass. I really think they should add her in re 7 because 1:she's ain't bad looking. 2:Chris and her could have a little reuion (they don't have to be partners though). and 3: she just rocks.

I don't like her but she kicks ass in this game - Magnolia

3 Albert Wesker Albert Wesker

The best antagonist in the RE series. I am a bit annoyed that they killed him off, but he'll probably return in a future sequel.

How the hell is he not number one? - DunnaNunnaBatman

Most badass RE antagonist

4 Excella Gionne

She is cool, sexy and smart. I guess boys love her - Magnolia

She's very hot but not as hot as Jill

She's better than Sheva

I'm gay and I think she's the hottest RE girl in existence.

5 Josh Stone
6 Jill Valentine Jill Valentine

Though she was only in the game for a couple of minutes, Jill still is one of the best characters. She's even playable in the expansion packs "Lost in Nightmares" and "Desperate Escape".

Jill is sexy should be higher than Sheva she kicked Chris and Sheva ass at the same time

Jill should be number 1 because shes sexy and took out chris and sheva by her self

Jill will always be the best resident evil character of all time in re 5

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7 Ozwell Spencer

The best ever

8 Dave Johnson

The best guy ever

9 Ricardo Irving

Irving was better than Gionne you guys just don't seem to understand business man humor.

Sheva: you're no better than those piece of scum terrorists.
Irving: Oh, I'm not like them. I'm a business man with standards!

10 Plague Doctor

The best because he was evil

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11 Dan DeChant

This guy is awesome

12 Irving

He's a businessman with standards.

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