Top 10 Resident Evil: Dead Aim Characters

The Top Ten

Bruce McGivern

A member of US STRATCOM (US Strategic Command Forces). Has a tendency of going in guns blazing before thinking about the consequences. This has often left him in many hostile situations, but in the end he always comes out on top. - Magnolia

Fong Ling

A cold as ice agent for the Chinese Safety Division. Professional to the core and doesn't let things like emotion get in the way of accomplishing her mission. - Magnolia

Morpheus Duvall

Former Umbrella RnD (Research and Development). He has a dream of creating a perfect beautiful world, doing this of course means destroying the existing world. Seeing himself as the portrait of beauty he's undergone many plastic surgery procedures to maintain his youthful looks. His group was responsible for the theft of the T-Virus and the high jacking of the Cruiser. - Magnolia


Slightly modified versions of the classic hunters. They can jump extreme distances and their claw attack is just as devistating as previous games. A few shotgun blasts will put these bastards down. - Magnolia


Your average run of the mill undead (if that's possible). These are the former crew / passengers of the cruiser along with some umbrella workers. Since all the shooting is done in first person you can aim for specific parts. For example hitting the head may give you a critical shot and kill them instantly, or if there's a group coming at you at full speed shoot the leader's legs to know him down and all the others will tumble over him. Giving you time to lay down head shots or escape. - Magnolia


Another Tyrant makes an appearance in Dead Aim. Different than the others because of its long limbs it uses to swat you from long distances. It isn't perfect however, on the back of its neck is a critical organ that will cause extreme damage to the creature. The problem here is to get behind the creature and hit it. But once you get behind him and lay a bullet into that area the creature will fall down, giving you a chance to put in some more rounds before it resumes its attack. - Magnolia


Pluto is another failed experiment that escaped from its cell before it could be destroyed. He has no eyes and relys on his hearing to find you. This is a good time to sneak around rather than run and use the silenced hand gun. Pluto is a big boy and looks like he's been eating his fill of babies so don't bother wasting ammo shooting his massive body. Instead focus on his head. - Magnolia


A huge insect. Like Pluto her weakest area is the head. Don't stand around and fire however, she spits out smaller flying insects and acid. So running and shooting works best here. - Magnolia


With the electrical field protecting him, bullets have no effect on him. The only weapon with any effect is the Particle Rifle. Its still not going to be easy though, he's fast and uses a ton of acrobatic moves to dodge and attack. When he comes down he attacks hard with the claw. Aim for the head and prey that you have enough healing items. - Magnolia

Morpheus Second Form

A mass of flesh Morpheus has been defeated once and he's out for blood. He moves in a tries to crush you, don't get too close and use your long range weapons to lower his health. The weakes point is the head, which comes in and out of the body. Use the shotgun to knock him back if he gets too close, but when at long range make use of the magnum and shoot the head. - Magnolia

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