Top Ten Resident Evil Weapons


The Top Ten

1 The Rocket Launcher

Kills any enemy
In one shot

2 Pale Rider
3 VZ61
4 Chris Redfield's Fist

Show that boulder what you're made of, Chris!

5 Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum
6 M3 Shotgun
7 Grenade Launcher
8 Matilda
9 Gold Luger
10 Hydra

The Contenders

11 SIG 556
12 L. Hawk Magnum
13 M92F

The basic weapon of survival

Tis was the first gun you will use in Part 5 -

14 Krauser's Mutated Arm

can't believe this is so low, 1 shot kill any boss in re4 mercs, much stronger than chris punch.

15 Gatling Gun
16 Boat Cannon

You can use this against Irving -

17 P.R.L. 412

This kills every enemy on the screen in one hit, it is free, and it has infinite ammo. HOW IS THIS AT NUMBER 10? Chris's fists can't do very much damage.

18 Chicago Typewriter

Quite possibly the best Resident Evil weapon name ever. - xandermartin98

19 H&K MP5
20 AK-47
21 Thompson Submachinegun
22 Silver Ghost

Leon Kennedy's starting weapon in RE4 -

23 H&K P8
24 Long Bow
25 M93R Barreta
26 Mounted Chaingun/Turret Gun
27 Springfield Rifle

Perhaps the most memorable rifle in RE4.

28 Hydra Shotgun

Chris makes it too badass - DunnaNunnaBatman

29 Jailbreaker
30 Dragunov
31 Hand Grenade
32 Leon Kennedy's Legs

He really knows how to use these.

33 SIG 226
34 M4A1
35 Lightning Hawk
36 Infinity Launcher
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