Top Ten Resolutions for Thirteen Year Olds


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1 Ask out your crush

Well dating in middle school is very pointless, focus on learning! - keycha1n

I'm 11 and this is my resolution

Crushes are pointless,so is school,so is life

2 Be a TheTopTens champion
3 Be a super achiever

I am a firm believer in teach them while their young, this made not agree with everyone, but I agree with parents like Dina Loghan and joe jackson, Michael jackson father I RELATE TO THE MOTHERS OF dANCE MOMS

4 Open a Facebook account

No one uses Facebook anymore

I think now it's fifteen.

5 Be on social media
6 Learn an instrument

It's never too late. Start at 13 and go far. Like I did. At 3. With the guitar

I Started At 6 - BeatlesFan1964

7 Make new friends
8 Solve family issues

Please do this ASAP and don't wait till it's too late, like me...

Living in a broken home at a young age is hard.
Talking about your problems and resolving them, often feels harder.

9 Learn a new language

Being multilingual really helps in business and in communicationx - ethanmeinster

10 Buy new clothes

That is if they don't fit YOU. I mean,if they don't fit you then go and buy some, but if they do still fit then it's absolutely:

1. A waste of money


2. a waste of bloody time


The Contenders

11 Stop watching so much porn

What's so great about porn anyways? - RiverClanRocks

12 Lose virginity

NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Go learn some algebra instead

Too, young! WAAAYY too young!

Wait until u get married

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1. Ask out your crush
2. Be a TheTopTens champion
3. Be a super achiever
1. Ask out your crush
2. Be a TheTopTens champion
3. Be a super achiever


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