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1 To make lists of their own opinion

Yea and most people don't like it if you hate something. They use the reason that you are a troll or are only hating on the fan base since they like it

I currently have about 98 lists - Ajkloth

I made 30 lists - simpsondude

I made about 70 lists - PatrickStar

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2 To vote

I did just vote for voting my sisters teddy did (not) say he said he can never get stuffed with voting - indian

Well, I just voted now. - PositronWildhawk

I started to be all in my eay - reece234

3 Learn other people's opinions

Haha what a joke more like to HATE other's opinions.

4 To put Justin Bieber on a worst singers list

I Just voted Justin Bieber on a worst singers list...

Do that now! Justin Bebier should quit. I don't think he shouldn't be on the planet. I hate that oval singer. Vote for this - Jake09

5 To make lists

Well, yes, this is the one small fact. Umm... - Britgirl

6 To make friends

If your friends actively support your lists, you would definitely want to make more! - Kiteretsunu

Doesn't make any sesnce - Jake09

7 To like or hate things more
8 To contribute to the website and lists
9 To rant about how your favorite singer is not in the top ten
10 To support items that would otherwise have less votes

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11 To improve your account / profile
12 To know the majority's opinions
13 To know what songs to listen to by a band you want know more about

Did that with nirvana guns n roses jimi hendrix ac dc and the white strips

14 To be appreciated by other members
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1. To make lists of their own opinion
2. To vote
3. Learn other people's opinions
1. To contribute to the website and lists
2. To make lists of their own opinion
3. Learn other people's opinions


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