Top Ten Resons Why Hiro from Big Hero 6 Is Better Than Elsa from Frozen

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1 Hiro never gives up, but Elsa does.

Same. It's kinda weird to know that Hiro and I had similar fates. I'm also a genius but I was always bullied. I got orphaned but instead of an aunt, we got an uncle (but he's still nice though). And the difference is, my late older sibling and I are girls. I also lost my older sibling in a fire in an exhibition hall which caused me to go over the edge for nearly 5 years. I'm already 21, and I still can't get over it.

I still think it's sorta weird.

But even though, Big Hero 6 inspired me to stay strong and to not let go of your past. It just makes it worse. My life was also based on that movie, so I give it a hands down.

Big Hero 6 will always be my favorite movie till the end.

I can relate to hiro after all I am 14 years old too {but I don't have a big brother} I believe hiro has a big heart and his actions make me not wanna give up and how often do you see a 14 year old boy cry? Not that often I predict that shows he cares about everyone. Elsa is OK and so is the movie usually I start to hate movies if I watched them every single day and it's not that I watched frozen a lot I'm actually sick and tired of see frozen no matter where I go. I watched big hero 6 A LOT I could quote it but I never ever get bored of it NEVER.

That’s why his name is Hiro, because it looks like hero, and hero’s never give up. - AliciaMae

2 Hiro fixes his mistakes, and doesn't blame them on other people.

I find it funny how a 14 year old can be more mature than a 21 year old... - AnnaOfArendelle332

That's my superhiro! Get it? I made a praising pun/portmanteau on the words "superhero" and "Hiro"!

Elsa, you cannot do any good, you annoying ripoff of Super Luigi!

To the person who said superhiro ba dum TSSS

3 Hiro is more realistic than Elsa

Elsa has ice powers but no common sense

Hiro hamada doesn't have ice powers but he can easily beat the smartest people of all time

Elsa runs off like a cry baby and sings a dumb girly song

Hiro faces his problems and goes after the culprit

Elsa "killed but not exactly killed" anna with an icy blast

Hiro almost kills callaghan but he realizes his error and swore not to do it again unless necessary

Elsa cries like a crybaby over anna's death not realizing she just lost her dignity

Hiro cries over tadashi and baymax's death but he still remains a good leader among his teammates.

So tell me, who do you think is better, huh? Face it, Frozen, you're just a screw-up movie. Big Hero 6 is a movie that is, and always be IMOO-IMMORTALSS!


4 Hiro doesn't need powers to be awesome

He's already awesome. Just because he's seemingly powerless doesn't mean he could kick some serious butt.

Exactly, but Hiro kept his potential to remain powerful. Queen Elsa depends on everyone.

5 Hiro is less cliche
6 Hiro's problems are those of a realistic team

Yeah, Hiro was realistic, and Elsa - AliciaMae

Sorry, but hiding from everything because you have powers is not realistic. Losing someone is. - AnnaOfArendelle332

I meant to put teen... Ah stupid spellcheck! - AnnaOfArendelle332

7 Hiro is more inspiring than Elsa.

Let it Go is not inspiring. Hiro inspired a whole team to be more than they could ever believe. - AnnaOfArendelle332

8 Hiro is from an awesome movie.

Frozen deserves an F-. One reason: Queen Elsa. Rosalina is reasonably awesome and Queen Elsa ripped off her appearance.

Big Hero 6 deserves an A+. One reason: Hiro Hamada and all of Big Hero 6. Me tell you the rest later.

9 Hiro isn't as melodramatic as Elsa
10 Hiro doesn't run away from problems

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11 Hiro actually let's people help him.

Even though he said he shouldn't have, he lets them help him again after he cools down. - AnnaOfArendelle332

12 Hiro is more good-looking than Elsa

So, Hiro *a boy* is more good-looking compared to a girl? They are not even the same gender. How do you compare that? By character design? I guess he has more of the cuteness factor and Elsa was meant to have more of the *beautiful* factor or whatever.. but sure. Why not? lol - ACKREIK

He is cute, I want to marry him, I like his hair too. Elsa is ugly and who would even find her attractive.

I'm done with platinum braids and dresses, thanks

He looks so damn hot, to be honest.

13 Hiro is funnier than Elsa

True! I mean I have stuff that needs to be in a Disney movie to be good

Good Cheacters
good songs
villan I want to root for but will always lose
and that Disney fell to it

yeah..Frozen only had 3 of the stuff that need (Hans is so boring I new he was the villan from the start) and elsa is just boring

14 Elsa never apologized in the movie, but Hiro did

Wait... you're right! Stupid Elsa. By the way, I am a Frozen fangirl but don't force me to hate it please and thank you.

15 Hiro is for boys and Elsa is for girls

No... - AliciaMae

If you are a girl,u like elsa.If u are a boy u like hiro.

16 Hiro is a boy

Dude, I love hiro, but not ALL boys are awesome. Not ALL girls are weak. Equal rights please!

Christ, it's "Dora is a girl" all over again. - Puga

I swear I didn't add this. - AnnaOfArendelle332

It's sexist,boys aren't better than girls

17 Elsa did not really care about her dead parents, and Hiro cares for Tadashi.
18 Hiro is less of a hypocrite than Elsa
19 Hiro has a personality, unlike Elsa.
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