Best Respawnables Weapons


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1 Double Barrel Shotgun

Good for killing blunderbuss but outclassed by the aristocrat shotgun I already try it

Can own blunderbuss newbs with this baby...


Shread the blunderbuss players. Super high dmg. whoo

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2 Revolver

its good

This gun isn't that good in respawnables

It actually is powerful if you have the skills and not op as weapons such as thumper

Not an ordinary weapon

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3 Automatic Shotgun

Deadly in short range. But has greater range than the Double Barrel Shotgun. - Deqfarah

4 Hunter Shotgun

This limited time Event gun is the greatest shotgun in respawnables. It's like the revolver but, 1-2 shot kill up close. - Deqfarah

Lets party ska få hunter shotgun

Best weapon


5 Flare Gun

Fun to use but over-powered. It's a shame a fun weapon is over-powered, that's why I put it lower. - Deqfarah

Really awesome to play with

Sometimes its too good

Flard gun

6 Hunter Rifle

The fastest you'll ever run with a sniper. With refined accuracy that will make your enemies cry for mercy. - Deqfarah

7 Thumper


Its amazingly strong and requires some time to get used to at first

Its really powerful with a big range

That's the best. It should be no. 1

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8 Battle Ram

It is the bond

With its huge clip size, its long range and the much damage it makes, it's the best weapon of all in Respawnables.

Lol this weapon supposed to be number 1 it makes me rage

Too op. It makes people rage

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9 Dual Stake Launchers

Probably the funniest gun to use in respawnables. It used to be a limited time gun, and event gun. - Deqfarah

10 Aristocrat Shotgun

It is so powerful!

Wai is this not in first place r u all retards?

Easy too kill and fast

Over powered

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11 Anti-Material Sniper

This gun has infinite range, It's a sweet gun to have, and play with. Plus, you can shoot there heads off clean. - Deqfarah

Awesome and with the spotter it's super OP

I think this should swap places with DMR-003

12 Dual Revolver

This gun is awesome, it has twelve bullets.

A gun for professionals.

Dull accurcy compared to his brother, but makes it up for damage up close. It's also pretty damn fun to use. - Deqfarah

13 Maskeleon Rifle

Best weapon with glass cannon SKILL 😉😊.

14 Rookie Machine Gun

The most op weapon in april fools


15 Blunderbuss

Best gun which can't be defeated by double barrel shotgun with close quarters armour

so op

Extreme damage, 1-2 hits K.O. high agility, this weapon is great in short range.

16 Rainbow's End

Very powerful weapon with decent agility. Overall performance can be buff by mobile assist unit

Long range and highest damage for assault rifle

I have this wepon

Range and damage is over powered
turst me I have been playing this game for s very long time

17 Armed Guitar Case

The second best explosive weapon after thumper

18 Semi-Automatic Sniper

This weapon is the best sniper in the game, and with this weapon I made 40 kills in a multiplayer match.

This weapon must be at least 3 in the list. It is the best sniper in game. - OnurLegends

2 shots under a second, best sniper

Best sniper in game, combines ams and hunter

19 DMR-003

Can be turned into a two shot but is damn fun to play with and pick off people from afar

I have it. Pure epic sniper. Love 1 shooting battle ram abusers and aristocrat shot gunners.

Best sniper ever

20 Dragon's Breath Cannon

This weapons is a powerful one shot, only turning into a two shot if you are wearing anti explosive/red hero armor

21 Howitzer Gun

6 shots and extremly good

22 "My Little Friend"

-good agility
-got it in April's Fool event
-blast out a circle of voice
-2-3 shot kill

23 Dual Rookie Machine Guns


24 Zap Gun

It’s real good against shotgun users who don't have ghostbuster pants, and one of the few “normal” powerful guns. My main against most enemies, besides thumper and chemrail. -Cromwell

25 Explosive Crossbow

So good shouldn't be in the game

It's so OP the explosivedamage insta kills almost all times

Explosive Cross bow is best weapon I've ever used
Best weapon for events

26 Smg Howling
27 Stig Rifle

Kills in about half a second, pretty damn fun plus u can up it using the cadet kit


Good I own it

28 Golden Gun

Stats for this unavailable weapon: 4 damage
4Range 4Accuracy4Agility

29 Dual Freedom Revolvers

With black charro mask it will make you say,"BRUH"

30 Little Italy

The little Italy is best for the Royal garden map
And has fast relaid goof for killing mad cop

31 Bow

Why dis not on list yet it amazing

32 Post Heavy Skull
33 Chemrail

Best gun to have fun with... Long range, close range, YOU NAME IT!

its good

34 Minigun

Lol this damn thing kills pretty fast

Fast fire rate 200 in the mag 1second kill OP

35 Anti-Aircraft Gun
36 Hand Grenades

Cause they are cheap! Troll

37 Dual Grenade Pistols

They are really good

38 Shockwave Launcher
39 Heavy Shatter

It is beast against elite enimies and it has a lot of rounds and it kills so

40 Double Barrel Machine Gun

Its like a free rainbow's end with good range and damage

41 Night Screech

-Deals great damage up close
-Very good clip size
-Fast enough to strafe with
-Can easily beat rainbows end, aristocrat's shotgun and battle ram up close
-Having clothing that buffs pistols makes it even stronger
-Not a lot to nerf it

42 Rail Gun

No weapon can match against this 1 shot kill sniper

43 Flare Gun MK3

Best for any range because one shot kill

44 Golden Pistol
45 Dual Energy Pistol

Its really op but you gotta need skills and its good at zombie hord though

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