Top Ten Responses to Your Teacher If You Have Been Caught Talking to Your Peers

Some Of These I Have Tried (I Have No Comment On The Outcome)

The Top Ten Responses to Your Teacher If You Have Been Caught Talking to Your Peers

1 We were talking about the work

An oldie but a goldie - I don't know of anybody in my classes who hasn't used this one. - Entranced98

2 You're jealous that I have friends and you don't
3 I was just saying how much my ebola is contagious
4 Sorry

The others ones (except "shut up") are all good but the teacher will have no comeback and just say "go to the principal's office! "

5 You might as well move me because I will not listen to you
6 Shut up

It's not funny, it's not clever, it's a one way ticket to detention. - Entranced98

I bet someone would get in trouble for saying this. - cosmo

If you said that, then you must be tough guy. - Delgia2k

You would just get in trouble. - DrayTopTens

7 But this is educational I'm learning english

Ever just realize that sometimes teaching has too many disadvantages? Like that epic comeback

8 You talk to my mom in the night why can't I talk to my friend
9 If you would like to join in the conversation you may
10 Why are you teaching while I am talking?

One time I said this and the teacher shot me a look and said “Get back to work.” Everyone laughed. Now I see it was a bad thing to do

The Contenders

11 Why are you talking when I am talking?
12 Now, now teacher, it's rude to talk while I'm talking

I hate it when teachers say it's rude to talk while they're talking. This will show them - Shake_n_Bake13

13 Stop eavesdropping on us

Yes, it's so impolite! - IpodSwagger

14 I have freedom of speech

How is this only twelve bring it up because it's true by law you have freedom of speech

I actually added this one

15 Just ignore us and get on with your teaching
16 Don't force your religion on me
17 You probably talked in class as well when you were my age
18 Oof
19 We are practicing our English
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