Top Ten Best Retro Consoles for Modern Gamers

The Top Ten Best Retro Consoles for Modern Gamers

1 Nintendo 64
2 PlayStation 1
3 Sega Genesis


4 Sega Dreamcast
5 Super Nintendo Entertainment System

I can't forget this one.
F-Zero, Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario World..
It's just awesome.

6 Nintendo GameCube

The controller is perfect. - GreninjaGuy

Mario Party 4! Battle for Bikini Bottom! Barnyard! Mario Smash Football! And many, many others..
This is the first game console I've ever played. (I was around 4 or 5 years old).
I still like it a lot; It's my early childhood in a nutshell.

7 PlayStation 2

The first game console I ever bought for myself.
It's just awesome.
I don't play a lot of games anymore, but I used to play on my PS2 a lot.

8 Original Xbox

Two Words: HALO TWO.
I really like that game, especially when you play it with someone else.

9 Sega Saturn

The Japanese controller is amazing - PerfectImpulseX

10 Nintendo Entertainment System


The Contenders

11 TurboGrafx 16
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