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1 Nintendo Entertainment System

Other than the Sega Genesis, there's nothing that can top the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game console single-handedly saved the video game industry, bringing classics such as "Super Mario Bros.", "The Legend of Zelda", "Duck Hunt", "Excitebike", "Metroid", "Mega Man", "Balloon Fight", "Donkey Kong", and "Punch-Out! " onto the scene. It had colorful arcade graphics, an innovative, durable, comfortable, responsive controller, loads of futuristic accessories, and historical impact to the max! Only when the 16-bit Genesis came along was the 8-bit NES dethroned.

Great game like duck hunt and super Mario brothers and Zelda

Here is a little fact about the Nintendo Entertainment System that you may not know. With the Famicom succeeding in Japan, Nintendo decided to team up with Atari to bring the Famicom to North America. The deal never went through, so Nintendo went on their own. I wish Nintendo & Atari would work together on bringing the Famicom to North America. If that happened, we wouldn't have a war between the NES, and the Atari 7800.

Thumbs up for nes

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2 Nintendo 64 V 1 Comment
3 Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo may not have had been as great as its predecessor, and may have paled in comparison to the Sega Genesis, but it still had a great library of games, such as "Super Mario World", "Super Metroid", "Star Fox", "Super Mario Kart", "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past", "Donkey Kong Country", "Street Fighter II", and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time". Despite its game library, packaging, soundtrack, innovation, value, and design's clear inferiority to the Genesis, as well as its lack of CD and 32-bit add-ons, it did feature sharper and more colorful graphics, as well as improved sound effects. Also, the SNES controller has six buttons, while the Genesis controller has only three, making one-on-one fighters easier to play. Overall, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was a very good video game console, but it falls short in comparison to the Sega Genesis.

Easily the best console with a huge library of amazing games that far surpasses that of any other console

The most legendary system that has some of the best games of all time on it.

I grew up with this and six games. LONG LIVE THE SNEEZE!

4 PlayStation 1 V 1 Comment
5 Sega Genesis

This is the best video game console of all time. Not only did it have glorious 16-bit graphics, metallic digital sound, and supersonic blast-processing, it also had a very cool late 1980's design and a humongous library of great games, such as "Altered Beast", "Outrun", "Space Harrier II", "Golden Axe", "Ecco the Dolphin", "Toejam and Earl", "Afterburner II", and "Sonic the Hedgehog". With a comfortable, responsive controller, a Sega Master System add-on, and a CD and 32-bit upgrade, the Sega Genesis rocks the competition!

Nothing will ever top the genesis. So many great games, including my favorite castlevania game, bloodlines

I believe the Genesis needs no introduction. IT'S AWESOME - PCgamer98

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6 Gamecube

Wind Waker was the best Zelda game. And what about Pokemon and Colloseum? We also had Sonic Adventure 2. Best Sonic game ever.

It had a ton of amazing games. My favorite gamecube games were F Zero GX, Wind Waker, and Luigi's Mansion hands down - PCgamer98

7 PlayStation 2 V 1 Comment
8 Atari 2600

The atari 2600 defines the term classic. This system brought the video game industry to global attention, being the first popular home game console. Had the longest lifespan of any console (neo geo close 2nd). Also had so many classic games like space invaders, pitfall, pong, the list goes on.

Best retro game console. Period. Thousands of people still develop homebrews for it today.

9 Gameboy Advance V 1 Comment
10 Game Boy

Probably one of the most iconic handheld game systems ever, and had a huge library of games! One of my favorite consoles!

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11 Sega Saturn
12 Neo Geo

This console literally was an arcade machine for your home, just took up less space! SNK wanted to give gamers an option for a high end, expensive game console. This is why the Neo Geo AES was not discontinued until 2004. It launched in 1991

13 Sega Dreamcast
14 Virtual Boy V 2 Comments
15 Sega Master System

Being outshadowed by the nes and nintendos shaddy beisness practices are the only reasons it dident get more recognition

16 Xbox V 1 Comment
17 Atari Jaguar
18 Retro NES
19 Panasonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

I hope I'm not the only one who doesn't know this...

Whoever put this here is obviously drunk

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