Top Ten Retro Tracks From Mario Kart Wii

These are the top ten retro tracks from Mario Kart Wii that have been in previous Mario Kart games.

The Top Ten

1 DK Mountain

The only thing I like about it is that you don't slow down when you hit the grass.

I love DK Mountain! It's epic. All the DK tracks turn out really good.

The grass does not slow you down. That's why it's the best retro track.

The best wii retro track is this

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2 Waluigi Stadium

The track is totally like a stunt show

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3 Delfino Square

Come on it's a referance to super Mario sunshine isn't that good enough also ds

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4 N64 Bowser's Castle

This is my favourite Mario kart track of all time!

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5 Bowser Castle 3

I love the music I also like the background I like using the dolphin dasher in the race I just love the track.

6 DK's Jungle Parkway V 1 Comment
7 Peach Beach

Remove the ducks from this course.

I feel like I'm at peach beach. Amazing race track

I hate the cataquacks.But I enjoy this course. Love the music. Love the designs. Hate the cataquacks.

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8 Mario Raceway

This track may not be way too good, but I've had some of the best and most competitive races on this course. That's why it's one of my favorite tracks ever! It's also fun for time trials.

Once this music is stuck in my head, it wont get out. This and gcn circuit music are virtually the same. I can't tell the difference. Great track though.

The n64 regular tracks have the best music for regular tracks! Second goes to super Mario kart and third goes to double dash! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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9 N64 Sherbet Land

Come on, sherbet land is challenging and fun so that's why I like it. Way better than yoshi falls.

I'm getting so annoyed by people that are saying the Mario Kart games that are much older than double dash are much better. - recaller

This should be top 1 for sure! Seriously, Mario Kart 64 is the greatest Mario game in the universe since it first came out!

Ice isn't an appealing theme to me, but Sherbet land is more appealing than Frappe Snowland.

10 Desert Hills

Come on this is where daisy lives

How does daisy live in the desert? This course is so boring

The Contenders

11 Ghost Valley 2

This course is so hard! That's what my cousin and my sister say.

Amazing course love it 100% love it love it love it.

Gost vally 2 is awesome because it makes you go fast and if you hit the wall the block falls how cool is that.

12 Yoshi Falls

Why the hell is this even a choice

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13 SNES Rainbow Road

This may be a custom track but not a Wii retro stage

This track isn't in Mario Kart Wii.

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14 Maka Wuhu

No! Take this out because that was before Mario kart 7

Maka Wuhu isn't in Mario Kart Wii.

Section courses aren't in the wii. Get it right

Lol who is so dumb to put this on the list

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15 GCN Mario Circuit

Amazing circuit. My second favourite circuit after U Mario Circuit

16 SNES Mario Circuit 3

Only thing I like about it is the music...

17 GBA Shy Guy Beach V 1 Comment
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1. DK Mountain
2. Waluigi Stadium
3. Delfino Square
1. DK Mountain
2. N64 Bowser's Castle
3. Waluigi Stadium



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