Best Revenge Characters

ABC Revenge is one of my favorite new shows due to it's addictive storyline and exciting characters!

[Based off my opinion/popularity/character growth/impact]

The Top Ten

1 Nolan Ross

My absolute favorite

Dashing wordsmith extraordinaire; oozes charm. A sexy Shakespeare.

Emily's bisexual sidekick is hilarious with his witty personality contrast to him actually being a computer genius who'll do anything for his partner in crime.

2 Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke) Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke)

The main protagonist of the show never fails to deliver an interesting scene because of her raw emotions that lead to epic takedowns.

The show is all about her and she never fails to beat Victoria in a fight. Her croc stares are awesome and her takedowns are epic.

3 Victoria Grayson

I hated Victoria she killed Aiden for no reason, Ben, and so many more people.

She's so evil! I love her

The Ice Queen of the Hamptons herself had to be number 1 for her intense threats, unforgettable slaps, and a wicked smile to match her vindictive attitude.

4 Daniel Grayson

Daniel started out being EVERYONE'S pawn but eventually came to be his own man. Whether I like him or not (NOT), I can say his character has developed significantly over the seasons.

5 Conrad Grayson

Victoria's diabolical husband definitely doesn't lack charisma which makes him an even more powerful villain and in some ways he might be considered more evil than Victoria.

6 Aidan Mathis

Best character in the show and I loved his voice

Such a legend, love it when he Kills Takeda with the sword

What a legend. my favorite scene of the whole show is when he kills takeda with the sword, should be at no. 2

7 Amanda Clarke (Emily Thorne)

The minute Emily (Faux-Amanda) entered the series, I was officially glued and addicted to the show. She was an electrifying character and played SUCH A PERFECT FRENEMY to the protagonist. Margarita Levieva is an insanely underrated actress. She played this role like she was born for it. - theOpinionatedOne

There's never a dull moment with Amanda around. Seriously, she's so unpredictable as she tends to take matters into her own hands against enemies which most likely makes the situation deadly.

8 Jack Porter

Only right hearted character on the show

Some may say Jack gets in the way sometimes or quite boring, but he's the moral compass on a show like this proving to be very needed when it seems good isn't prevailing at all in addition to being Emily's true love (I.M. O)

9 Lydia Davis

Amazing character... seems like the stupid mistress and pawn at first but she was truly smart... she got a life in the hamptons without working a DAY. She was a truly talented actress and when she came back we all knew trouble was coming. Only wish that she could have gotten back at Victoria more- Victoria banished her and threw her off a roof and then sent her to live in some random country in hiding. She should have gotten back at Victoria some more in my opinion.

Victoria's rival and Conrad's mistress... Of course she's in the top 10.

10 Mason Treadwell

Perhaps one of the smarter characters on the list with a true passion for a good story despite being on the wrong side.

The Contenders

11 Charlotte Clarke
12 Ashley Davenport

Socialite Ashley seems to be always scheming to remain near the center by absorbing any knowledge possible of the Hamptons to be on top.

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1. Victoria Grayson
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1. Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke)
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1. Victoria Grayson
2. Daniel Grayson
3. Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke)

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