Top Ten Best Revenge Episodes

The Top Ten

1 Sacrifice

Heartbreaking, thrilling, and all in all, amazing episode that reminds us how important Amanda really was to Emily

2 Truth

Such an amazing episode! Great way to end the season! Cliffhangers for the win

3 Pilot

Got me hooked from the very beginning. Loved Emily's first takedown

4 Intuition

Amanda's baby shower took a tragic turn, and I loved every minute of it

5 Execution
6 Revelations

Revenge does great season finales, and this episode is proof. Amazing episode

7 Impetus

Conrad Grayson finally gets arrested for what he has done, such a brilliant episode

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8 Secrecy

Great episode. Very reminiscent of season 1, and WHAT AN ENDING!

9 Exodus
10 Guilt

Apart from the fact that Lydia's fall from the rooftop was top notch, what I love about this episode is Victoria's talk with Lydia, telling her how much she hates her

The Contenders

11 Masquerade
12 Grief
13 Duplicity
14 Resurgence

Nolan's first (and only) solo takedown. That Bizzy Preston had it coming from the start. Loved this Nolan-centric episode

15 Homecoming
16 Lineage

Loved this flashback episode. Gave us a background for Ashley, and for Emily as well

17 Two Graves
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