Top 10 Most Revolting Dishes In the World

The following shouldn't ever be put in your mouth. No matter how curious you are, run a mile from all of these.

The Top Ten

1 Surströmming - Sweden

Do people really eat this "food? " I hope not! The smell itself can make the toughest men throw up all over the place.
As a wise Swede once said, "Surströmming smells like a dumpster full of fish, diapers and medical waste that has not been emptied for a month in the highest heat imaginable." - Cazaam

2 Hákarl - Iceland

Rotten Shark, not much to say. - Cazaam

3 Century Egg - China

Do they really leave an egg to rot for a hundred years? No. They use a mixture of salt, clay and quicklime to make it ferment quicker. Who would eat a rotten egg anyway? The smell is enough for me! - Cazaam

4 Cazu Marzu - Switzerland

Casu Marzu means "rotten chese" in sardinian language and so it's not from Switzerland but from Italy!

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5 Balut - Philippines

Embryonic duck or chicken eggs are used to make this disgusting meal, Who would eat this? - Cazaam

I've been next to people eating it and the smell makes me wanna vomit.

6 Cane Rat - China

Would probably taste just like a dead rat. - Cazaam

7 Airag - Mongolia

If you haven't tried airag you shouldn't talk then. It is very healthy and has a great taste I don't know why it is on this list compared to the other dishes it is like heaven

This is horse milk fermented for so long that it's percentage of alcohol is 5%. Not to mention, it's very off milk. How the Mongols can drink this... I don't know. - Cazaam

8 Raw Blood Soup - Vietnam

The name is what it is, of a duck of course! - Cazaam

Can't stand this dish

9 Whole Sheep Head - Norway

Eat all of it except the bone that is... - Cazaam

10 Tuna Eyeball - Japan

Who would eat that unless they were in a game show such as Fear Factor? - Cazaam

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