Top 10 Most Revolting Dishes In the World

The following shouldn't ever be put in your mouth. No matter how curious you are, run a mile from all of these.

The Top Ten

1 Surströmming - Sweden

Do people really eat this "food? " I hope not! The smell itself can make the toughest men throw up all over the place.
As a wise Swede once said, "Surströmming smells like a dumpster full of fish, diapers and medical waste that has not been emptied for a month in the highest heat imaginable." - Cazaam

2 Hákarl - Iceland

Rotten Shark, not much to say. - Cazaam

3 Century Egg - China

Do they really leave an egg to rot for a hundred years? No. They use a mixture of salt, clay and quicklime to make it ferment quicker. Who would eat a rotten egg anyway? The smell is enough for me! - Cazaam

WHAT? This is really good on congee! HOW DARE YOU INSULT ONE OF MY FAVORITE FOODS! >:(

4 Balut - Philippines

Embryonic duck or chicken eggs are used to make this disgusting meal, Who would eat this? - Cazaam

I've been next to people eating it and the smell makes me wanna vomit.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? My family is Asian and we all eat this and THIS IS DELICIOUS! Get this off the list! >:(

5 Cazu Marzu - Switzerland

The maggots are meant to be consumed as well. - Cazaam

Oh yes, the infamous maggot cheese. - Camaro6

Casu Marzu means "rotten chese" in sardinian language and so it's not from Switzerland but from Italy!

6 Cane Rat - China

Would probably taste just like a dead rat. - Cazaam

7 Raw Blood Soup - Vietnam

The name is what it is, of a duck of course! - Cazaam

Can't stand this dish

8 Airag - Mongolia

If you haven't tried airag you shouldn't talk then. It is very healthy and has a great taste I don't know why it is on this list compared to the other dishes it is like heaven

This is horse milk fermented for so long that it's percentage of alcohol is 5%. Not to mention, it's very off milk. How the Mongols can drink this... I don't know. - Cazaam

9 Whole Sheep Head - Norway

Eat all of it except the bone that is... - Cazaam

10 Tuna Eyeball - Japan

Who would eat that unless they were in a game show such as Fear Factor? - Cazaam

I eat fish eyeballs and they're delicious

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1. Surströmming - Sweden
2. Hákarl - Iceland
3. Raw Blood Soup - Vietnam
1. Surströmming - Sweden
2. Hákarl - Iceland
3. Century Egg - China


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