Most Revolutionary Game Consoles

This is the most revolutionary consoles. Keep in mind that revolutionary means; was it the first to do something? Does it have revolutionary and fun games

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1 Nintendo Entertainment System

This is easily the most revolutionary console of all time. It saved video games from the video game crash of 1983. It has many fun games and the most revolutionary, legendary game of all time. - Berger

It revived gaming single handedly. - HeavyDonkeyKong

2 Nintendo Wii

This is 100% correct. The motion controls of the Wii revolutionized how people thinks about video games all around the world. It is annoying, however, how many people with PlayStation or Xbox consoles seem to turn a blind eye when this feature is brought up in conversation.

All parents are like video games make you lazy and you need to get some exercise, but Nintendo went like, "Screw that! " and invented the Wii and gave us great games like Zelda and Mario Galaxy. I love the Wii. Also, say what you want, but the Wii remote is so comfortable! Almost as good as GCN.

Two Words. "Motion control." The Wii is a truly Innovative console. Along with its motion controls, it has many great legendary games, including my second, third and fourth favorite Mario game. - Berger

Meow, Wii is cool, best console ever

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3 Nintendo Game Boy

It's the brick. The Nintendo Game Boy is a seriously revolutionary console, coming before the Lynx and Game Gear. And it has great best-sellers like Tetris, Pokemon and Mario. - Berger

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4 Sony PlayStation 2

It was also the first console that had a successful motion-control peripheral called the EyeToy and Not known by many, the first console to have pressure sensitivity on its controller buttons.

The PS2 is an amazing console. It was the first console to run DVDs and I believe it was the first 128 bit system (but no one cares about bits anyway). And this system has the best games for a Sony console. It is the best-selling home console. Enough said. - Berger

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5 Nintendo 64

Many people don't seem to understand how important this console is the the gaming universe. It is important for people to understand how the Nintendo 64 introduced the idea of 3D gaming. If not for this system, video games would not be the same.

Ocarina of Time is the most revolutionary game of all time!

The Nintendo 64 revolutionized two main things- 3D and "64 bits." It forever changed the way we game, and has many great games. In fact, it has arguably the second-most revolutionary game, Super Mario 64. - Berger

N64 reintroduced and popularised the analogue stick. It firstly introduced the vibration feature that would become a mainstay in home consoles. It gave us 4-way multiplayer for the first time, transforming gaming to a social experience.
More importantly, it invented 3D gaming with Mario64 and Zelda OoT still being considered the blueprints for their respective genres.

6 Microsoft Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 ushered in the 7th generation, and many of its features. It has the best games for a non Nintendo/Sega console. And, even though the Kinect is terrible, it is an Innovative idea. - Berger

Kinect? Innovative? That is a rip off of the Wii remote and it is ass.



7 Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The SNES is a good system which is was one of the the most superior system when it came out. It has many revolutionary games like; Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario RPG, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, The Donkey Kong Country Trilogy and many more. No wonder it outsold the Genesis. - Berger

8 Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast is the most underrated console. Ever. it has so many amazing games like; Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Shenmue, Jet Grind Radio, Capcom Fighters, etc. An it was the first console with an online browser. Even though it's a 64 bit console, it's graphics are on par with its 128 bit competitors. - Berger

9 Sony PlayStation

This is Sony's entrance into the console market. It started Gran Turismo and Crash Bandicoot. This console is awesome. - Berger

10 Nintendo DS

The DS is a revolutionary system which is the best-selling portable console. It keeps many of the Nintendo Franchises going and it was made before the PSP. It had a creative idea with the Dual Screens and is a great overall system. Good job Nintendo! - Berger

I was between PS1 and this. I chose NDS because no matter which console I bought first or spent more time on, they were both revolutionary being the beginning of a new video game style. So NDS was more revolutionary because the PS was a console, not a handheld system which has been successful ever since its release on 2004.

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11 Nintendo GameCube
12 Nintendo Wii U

These games are amazing

13 Nintendo Switch
14 Atari 2600

This video game console introduced the world to the idea of video game consoles.

15 Home Pong
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