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1 The French Revolution

More Important than the American Revolution

Was there really any competition? Seriously, this is the mutha of all revolutions! The revolt to end all! No one else is gonna take the cake.

The most significant, the modern era has unfolded in the shadow of the French Revolution - MatrixGuy

Best revolution 5/7

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2 The American Revolution

The American Revolution was a political upheaval during the last half of the 18th century, in which thirteen colonies in North America joined together to break free from the British Empire, combining to become the United States of America. They first rejected the authority of the Parliament of Great Britain to govern them from overseas without representation, and then expelled all royal officials.
The American Revolution initiated a series of social, political and intellectual transformations in early American society and government. Americans rejected the oligarchies common in aristocratic Europe at the time, championing, instead, the development of republicanism based on the Enlightenment understanding of liberalism. Among the significant results of the revolution was the creation of a representative government responsible to the will of the people. However, sharp political debates erupted over the appropriate level of democracy desirable in the new government, with a number of ...more - winner333

This is the revolution that made history and most known and it's my favorite because one of my favorite historical heroes participated and was part of the revolution and that hero is Marquis de lafayette. Many events happened in there. - Russiandance

The American Revolution is truly something. In that time frame, Great Britain had a very good army, and thus, an advantage. Not to mention that it was a trigger for the French Revolution.

Lets be frank. After this point, the world began to change.

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3 The Russian Revolution

The greatest, most influential event in history.

Thanks to the Russian revolution, a strong state of the 20th century-the USSR was created!

4 The Mexican Revolution

Every revolution have an influence, but this one was totally different.

Killed at least 2,000,000 more than the American Revolution and didn't look like it would end for the Mexicans.

its cool

All great but this s my favorite both sides where equal great leaders like Pancho Villa Emiliano Zapata

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5 The October Revolution

Its actually number 1 on the list because its in 2 categories for some reason

Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

Totally the bomb -Vladimir Lenin


6 The Industrial Revolution

Noo good

This revolution is the most studied revolution that we had covered and the French which was really good to study to

7 The Chinese Revolution

I am Chinese and I love this revolution

8 The Cuban Revolution

Incredible part of Cuban and modern history. It turned Cuba into one dictatorship to the other and forever changed the lives of the Cuban people both negatively and positively. It also strengthen the cold war and led to the Cuban Missle Crisis which made the world hold its breath for thirteen days. It brought new stories, new faces and a a new live for over 10 million people in a now one-party communist island.

Although it's a controverial and highly divisive topic for most, this is the mother of revolutions in Latin America and the Third World. It transformed a small caribbean country into a notable player in the world stage and a heavy contributor to the Cold War by aiding world-wide national liberation movements and revolutions throughout the Third World. This revolution changed the face of Latin America and the Third World forever.

It spawned one of the most influencial faces in latin america (che guevera and fidel castro) and made cuba a country so different from any other nation in the world. This revolution was just the begining of some Cold War events and remains one of modern history's most important events.

9 The German Revolution
10 The Digital Revolution

The Contenders

11 The Taiping Revolution
12 The Iranian Revolution

Changed the balance of power in the world

Changed the balance of power to bring in a third party to the right left historic battles

Khomeini stood against US,UK and Russia...with no weapon...

13 The Glorious Revolution

Glorious Revolution was an actual revolution because it literally specified the meaning of overthrow which relates when people overthrew Kingship and adopted and promoted Parliamentary system

14 The Young Turk Revolution

The Young Turk Revolution of July, 1908, reversed the suspension of the Ottoman parliament that had been enacted by Sultan Abdul Hamid II, who abdicated in a move that marked the return to Constitutional government. The Young Turk movement brought together various intellectuals and dissidents, many of whom were living in exile or as officers in the army, especially those based at the headquarters of the Third Army Corps in Salonika. Although it was inspired by the nationalist spirit that was sweeping through Europe at the time, which had already had cost the Empire most of its Balkan provinces, the movement promoted a vision of a democratic multi-national state. Some support for the movement came from Bulgarians, Arabs, Jews, Armenians and Greeks.
The potential democratization project represented by the Young Turk Revolution had no parallel at the time among other imperial powers, such as the British and French, whose leaders were nowhere near contemplating granting ...more - winner333

15 The Irish Revolution

It is the only nation to fight the british closet to home and win freedom

It happened around the same time as the Mexican Revolution

16 The Spanish Revolution
17 The Haitian Revolution

Think about it, how awesome is it that slaves beat the mighty French army, brilliant

18 The Egyptian Revolution

It is one off the best revolutions in the 21st century, because it started from nothing to dissolving the regime in only two weeks without any plan or a leader.

The Egyptian Revolution has to be in the top 10! I for one do not believe the revolution ended when Mubarak stepped own, it is still going on and saw two regimes topple in three years! This revolution is also massively influential (along with the rest of the arab spring) because of how well it was documented on video-camera, social media and through the music that is played (particularly Ramy Essam "the singer of the revolution" in Egypt).

I think the Egyptian revolution is one of man kinds most astonishing, it is still going on and I dislike how most people only consider the ousting of Mubarak as the revolution. This revolution showed us the largest protest the world has ever seen, so I think it needs t be in the top 10!

19 The Commercial Revolution
20 People Power Revolutions - Philippines


21 The Greek Revolution

" The only revolution that succeded in 1800-1850" - A small country gained independence from an empire!

22 The Algerian Revolution

One of the most glorious revolutions, Algerian nose

23 The Philippine Revolution
24 The Iraqi 1920 Revolution

In 1920 the Iraqi people could build their country by them selves after the revolution

25 The Agricultural Revolution

Despite how it's difficult to comprehend this. The agricultural revolution truly divided humanity from the animal world. As we were able to manipulate our environment, we could reproduce until we run out of resources. Without this we all would be nothing, but naked men and women hunting and gathering. - jakeinc

26 The Brazilian Revolution
27 The Nicaraguan Revolution
28 The Estonian Singing Revolution
29 The Texas Revolution
30 The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
31 The 2018 Armenian Velvet Revolution
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