Top 10 Richest Pro Wrestlers of 2013


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The Top Ten

1 Vince McMahon: $500 Million

He is not the manager of WWE.He is the chairman of WWE. - subhashsahu

He is not even a wrestler the rock should be on top. I still hate the rock thought, but he is the richest

Now that's a lot

Who said that he is a pro wrestler

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2 The Rock Dwayne Johnson: $70 Million

He works in hollywood - subhashsahu


3 Steve Austin: $45 Million

Three times Royal Rumble winner - subhashsahu

4 John Cena: $35 Million

But cannot lift Mark Henry in the money in the bank 2013. - subhashsahu

One of the richest wrestler

One of greatest,richest,strongest and most popular and famous pro wrestlers

He made it he lifted mark henery

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5 Stephanie McMahon: $25 Million
6 Triple H: $25 Million

It is the time to play the game
He is the coo of The WWE and he only plays in wrestlemania and extreme rules. - subhashsahu

7 Kurt Angle: $20 Million

Who cannot beat brock lesnar - subhashsahu

The ever olympic medal winner in wwe

You suck,you suck,you suck,you suck!

8 Big Show: $20 Million

One big shot, he is! - HezarioSeth

9 Chris Jericho: $18 Million

What a lot of dollars! - HezarioSeth

10 Shawn Michaels: $17 Million

What a dough shot! - HezarioSeth