My Favorite Characters: Rick Sanchez

I'm going to be doing something different here. I'm going to be discussing some of my favorite characters in all of fiction. It's well-stated that writing the plot of a movie or TV show is a difficult task. There are tons of different elements that need to be worked out in order to form the best possible product. If you have a great character, that takes care of 75% of the story for you. If you have a charming person who you can relate to as an audience member, the viewer is going to be immediately hooked to the story in order to see what happens to them. Over the course of my life, I have formed many connections with characters I have seen on screen. These characters may have made me laugh, cry, and have given me so much enjoyment and supplied me with entertainment whenever they're on screen. So in this series, I am going to be discussing one of my favorite fictional characters in great detail. From their personality to their creation to the acting performance, I will write in detail what makes each of these characters so good in my opinion. And here to start off this series is one of the two lead protagonists of one of my favorite TV shows: Rick Sanchez.

Making the main character of your story a lovable jerk is a very difficult task. Due to them being the main character, the audience must be able to root for them and actually care what happens to them. In many cases, jerk main characters can come off as unlikable and despicable, setting a mean-spirited tone for their respective stories and being almost impossible to enjoy as people. On the other side of the spectrum, you can't make the character overly soft because that would take the punch out of all the hard-nosed actions they perform. Rick Sanchez is a perfect jerk character because he's a ruthless egotist, but has a great emotional core to him. It also helps that he's funny as hell.

The first time I ever heard of Justin Roiland is when he first voiced the Earl of Lemongrab on Adventure Time, so I basically thought that he was just your typical voice actor. There is no way I could have foreseen that the dude who voiced the screaming lemon on my favorite show would end up creating ANOTHER one of my favorite shows, and would have one of the most creative minds I've ever seen from a television series creator. Roiland is a very smart man, and its his intelligence that allows Rick Sanchez and Rick & Morty as a whole to be as engaging as they are. Rick Sanchez is, for the lack of a better word, a jerk. He has very little regard to other people's feeling and seems to care for nobody except himself. Sometimes, he doesn't even seem to care about himself. He's a rude, crude alcoholic who's a danger to anybody he comes into contact with. But what makes Rick so special is his sheer intelligence. Many jerk characters in the past are unlikable because of they were really stupid, and its hard to like a mean person who looks even more pathetic than the people they're belittling. Rick Sanchez has been established as the smartest man in the universe. And he knows this. He is so well-aware of this fact that he values his intelligence higher than basically everything else in the world. This gives him the freedom to be selfish and arrogant, because he just knows more about the universe that nobody could even dream to know about. And its his intelligence that allows each premise of a Rick & Morty episode to feel engaging as well as unpredictable, because the audience has no clue what tricks or connections that Rick has up his sleeves.

Rick is shown to have a very rough exterior. He's a man who has very large defenses that are nearly impossible to break down. This is due to the fact that he believes emotions such as love are detriments to his scientific mind, so he hides them away for no one can find them. However, deep down, Rick truly cares about and loves his family. He is very protective of his grandkids, as seen in the Mr. Jellybean scene in "Meeseeks and Destroy", and they truly mean a lot to him, even if he constantly wishes to disprove this fact. Rick is also a very lonely man who just wishes to be loved. He has underwent many hardships over the course of his life. From failed romantic relationships, to losing his family, to seeing a countless number of companions die, no one knows pain quite like Rick Sanchez. His intelligence is both a blessing and a curse to him. On one hand, he knows more about the universe than anybody ever could dream. On the other hand, it hinders him from forming and keeping any strong social connections because nobody will ever have the same outlook on the universe and life as he does. He is completely alone in his own mind, and this has resulted in him using alcohol as a means to escape his reality and personal demons. Hell, his quirky catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!" means "I am in great pain. Please help me." in an alien language. Underneath his rough exterior, Rick is a loving and considerate person who has a good heart, even if he will never admit that to anyone. Even to himself.

Rick's multifaceted personality has captured the hearts and minds of millions. He's a great person to watch on screen with his hilariously cynical one-liners and badass moments, but someone who you definitely not want to meet in real life. Behind his hilarious one-liners and high energy, there lies a tortured soul. A little bit of Rick Sanchez resides in all of us. And that, in my opinion, makes him such an interesting character.


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