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1 Total Rickall

It has to be total rickall! No doubt, it was most entertaining, most interesting, most creative and perfect story line. This is by far my favourite episode

There is pure action and entertainment sprinkled all throughout this episode. It's no wonder that it's the most popular episode of the series.

Remember the barbecue..

He does have these weird sounding catch phrases

2 The Ricklantis Mixup

This episode is brilliant. Can't wait to see what's going to happen to the Citadel in the season four.

The Ricklantis Mixup had some of the funniest moments, a deeper look at the citadel, which is easily one of the best concepts in the show, and the return of one of the best villains in the show: Evil Morty.

This is just so much stuff put into a single episode, a lot of different storylines. You can rewatch it and notice things you didn't before. The message of the episode is pretty dark, but that's exactly why it's so amazing. The jokes in this one are also very clever and funny.

Just a great all round episode.

3 Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind

Really interesting plot, brilliant and funny dialogue and just 100 % what we expect from Rick + Morty.

What? Morty doesn't deserve to be tortured!

One of the things what really got me into this show.

"I am more than just a hammer..! "
- Hammerhead Morty

4 Rick Potion #9

This set the tone of the series for me, it's dark and messed up but it's also funny.

This one was so funny when everyone was lusting for Morty. The principle was especially funny!

Take me to Morty.

It was sort of a game changer for me

5 The Rickshank Redemption

This is without doubt, the greatest episode of rick and morty. It was the funniest, darkest, most epic, most clever, one of the most emotional episodes, and this isn't mentioning the ending, which was surprising, hilarious, and a great reference to the pilot.

For me, every Rick and Morty episode is kind of hit or miss. Either it is okay, or it is amazing! And even the amazing episodes have at least one element that I dislike about them. This episode is the exception!

It perfectly balances everything that is great about the show ties in a lot of other episodes without feeling crowded. Amazing.

This episode might be new, but my god is it the best! The storyline is great and genius and every character is at their best.

6 Rixty Minutes

This episode had a great ending.

The laughing after some of the segments is golden

Two brothers...running in a van

Ball fondlers anybody?

7 Meeseeks and Destroy

The Meeseeks crack me up every time, even though their voice is a little ridiculous, they never annoy me and make me laugh. There's something about them. I also very much enjoyed how dumb Jerry was. And the side quest with Morty's adventure was pretty great. I loved the loving connection between Rick and Morty too. Perfect episode, in my opinion.

I really enjoyed this one. The Meeseeks were quite entertaining and it was sweet how Rick comforted Morty after the jellybean incident.

Best of the best

One of the funniest episodes in my opinion of the whole. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THE MEESECKS?!?! Their awesome!

8 The Ricks Must Be Crazy

This is the only episode that was strong all the way through. Where other episodes had their low points this one just had it all, the whole time.

Keep Summer safe...

I don't know how this is so low on the list at #7 it was really good all the way rickall is overrated it was just random and to be honest I'm gonna upset some people but I thought mortynight run was the worst episode...usually lower episodes will have a few things going for it but not that one it only had the moonmen song which showed random trippy moments, honestly I felt like that episode should never have come out, it was like it was made for potheads or people doing shrooms. You take away those 2 song parts and there is literally no good parts or any decent plot in the whole episode. It's trash! But the ricks must be crazy was a rollercoaster all the way through.

Amusing plot and all jokes on point #BestEpisodeEver

9 Lawnmower Dog

Where are my testicles, Summer?

This episode is better and make senser than inception movie!

I like this episode because at the beggining the dog pees on the carpet and Jerry (Mortys dad) pushes his head on the urine.

10 Pickle Rick

Great writing, beautiful animation and action scenes. Definitely the best episode.

I didn't like this episode as much. The fan base went crazy over nothing and it's annoying. Also the therapist treats rick like a child.

I turned myself into a pickle, Morty! I'm Pickle Rick!

Defiantly one of my favorites of season 3. Plus it was the first episode I watched from this show!

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11 M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

Jerry's best day ever... More like best Jerry Episode.

A simulation, within a simulation inside another simulation!

Is this website a simulation?

I just love all the glitches. The glitching kickball, the boss walking into the corner, the hot dogs and bun in the middle, all that weird stuff.

12 Mortynight Run

Somebody needs to make a real life "Roy" game

I'm speechless on how good this was

An underrated episode. art and writing are stunning and I wish this episode got more recognition.

I loved the song about the moonmen that "fart" sings

13 Look Who's Purging Now

This one is seriously underrated I really enjoyed this one, and the rocks must be crazy really surprised me it was really good. Total rickall was ok it was just random and weird it didn't really have a twist or good plot I don't know why its up there and close Rick counters of the Rick kind was overrated, it was good but didn't live up to the hype for me.

This episode made me laugh!

So much action! I love it!

Taddy Mason

14 The Wedding Squanchers

It was awesome how they played NIN's Hurt at the end.

Best episode ever
Such an annoying cliffhanger

Isn’t necessarily the best episode but I teared up when Rick drops the photo of himself, Birdperson and Squanchy.

15 Anatomy Park
16 A Rickle in Time

I loved the testicle alien


17 Tales from The Citadel

Personally, it's my favorite of season three, and my second favorite in the series. Great episode!

Holy hell this was good

Best of season 3

This is wrong, the real name of the episode is "The Ricklantis Mixup", wich is already on the list

18 The Rickshank Rickdemption

So far this one is the best by a mile.

19 Get Schwifty

This episode should be higher on the list- it was so good! The plot was creative and entertaining. Also, even though this is adult swim, there actually was still a subtle moral in there (which is great! You're never to old for morals). Morty learned not to abandon the ones you care about when they're in need and to have faith in their abilities. Rick was by far at his most likable self in this episode, and when he hugged Morty in the end was so sweet! Overall, I really enjoyed Get Schwifty and it should be ranked higher on this list.

Entertainingly mocked the true stupidity of religion.

This legit should be #1-10 and then the list should continue.

This is my favorite episode

20 Morty's Mind Blowers

I don't understand why this episode isn't higher up, it's honestly in my top 5 favorite episodes, it's just that great. It's not the best episode, that goes to either Ricklantis Mixup or Close Encounters of the Rick-kind, but honestly this just had so much to offer and it really was just the writers doing whatever they wanted to with Morty's memories that he had removed, it was really just a fun episode all the way.

This was, by far, the funniest episode in the series. Maybe not the best, but surely the funniest of 'em all.

This episode has the greatest Rick and Morty quote.

Ooh that's clever Morty. But I don't use colour to sort things because I'm not a mouse in a Europeans children's book- Rick

21 Rattlestar Ricklatica
22 Big Trouble in Little Sanchez

This was badly packed and rick breaks character a little too much

Tiny rick is funny


Let me out, what you see is not the same person as me
My life's a lie, I'm not who you're looking at
Let me out, set me free, I'm really old
This isn't me
My real body's slowing dying in a vat
Is anybody listening, can anyone understand
Stop looking at me like that and actually help me
Help me, help me I'm gonna die
Tiny Rick

23 Something Ricked This Way Comes

Perhaps Jerry's best moment as a father was at the end of the episode.

Great twist on a great book

24 The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

Come on this one was good

Loved this episode!


25 Pilot

This one was so funny, I had to pause it from laughing so hard

The beginning was hilarious.

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