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21 Something Ricked This Way Comes

Perhaps Jerry's best moment as a father was at the end of the episode.

Great twist on a great book

22 The Rickshank Rickdemption

So far this one is the best by a mile.

23 Pilot

This one was so funny, I had to pause it from laughing so hard

24 Auto Erotic Assimilation

So good and has really sad ending plus a huge sex party

25 Rickmancing the Stone

i guess


26 The Rickchurian Mortydate
27 Raising Gazorpazorp

This one is probably my least favorite. Not much happens with the Rick and Summer plot, they just stand around and argue with extreme feminist aliens. It has funny parts, but it's still kind of weak. The other plot involves Morty trying to raise an alien baby. Again, there's some funny parts, but it's a pretty stock plot. Also the climax is extremely brief. With that said, it's still an alright episode. - mtndewlord

28 Morty's Mind Blowers
29 Rest and Ricklaxation
30 Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender
31 The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

Come on this one was good - mccabek

Loved this episode!

32 The ABCs of Beth
33 Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate

I was shocked to see this not even in the top 20 this was by far the funniest episode ever when I watched it high, the randomness of it is just gold

I'm octopus man!

I refuse to sign the legislation that allows Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate to be this low on the list because it is a great episode despite what Justin Roiland said.

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