Top 10 Best Riddles to Use in a Conversation

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1 There’s this party and I want to bring (insert object)! What are you bringing? (Answer: the object must be something that starts with the first letter of the person’s name)

The point of this one is to tell them you’re bringing something to the “party.” The object must start with the first letter of that person’s first name. For example, if someone named Maria said this, they’d say they’re bringing anything that starts with an “m.” This rule also applies to the person you’re asking.

2 What has an eye but can’t see? (Answer: Needle)

This one is another fun one because there are lots of different answers. When I told this to my friends, their answers were “potatoes” and “storms.” It was quite interesting, but those weren’t the answers.

3 What’s constantly sleeping but is something you can go inside of? (Answer: Sleeping bag)

Heard this one before. Apparently "your mother" was not an acceptable answer. - PositronWildhawk

I thought this one would be a cool one since it’s called a SLEEPING bag, even though they don’t sleep obviously.

4 I’m tall when I’m young and short when I’m old, what am I? (Answer: Candle)
5 What has hands but can’t clap? (Answer: Clock)
6 Put me in a bucket and I’ll make it lighter, what am I? (Answer: A hole)
7 What starts with an “e”, ends with an “e”, and has only one letter? (Answer: An envelope)
8 I travel all over the world but I stay in my corner, what am I? (Answer: A stamp)
9 What kind of coat is always wet when you put it on? (Answer: A coat of paint)
10 How many seconds are there in one year? (Answer: 12 because there’s January 12, February 12, etc)

You mean January 2, February 2, etc. Then it would be the Second. What you're saying is Twelfth. - mattstat716

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11 What is black and white and red? (Answer: A sunburned zebra.)
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