Top 10 Best Rides and Attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom

The Top Ten

1 Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is an amazing ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

2 Dinosaur
3 Kilimanjaro Safaris

This was boring

4 Festival of the Lion King
5 Kali River Rapids
6 Primeval Whirl

It's just a wild mouse coaster.

7 It's Tough to be a Bug

In my opinion the scariest attraction at the resort

8 Flights of Wonder
9 Flight of Passage

Coming from somebody that loves Dinosaur and thought that Expedition Everest was the best attraction on the entire resort, Flight of Passage is groundbreaking and breathtaking.

Holy c this is the best ride ever Why is it so low?

THIS is truly the best ride at AK and Disney World.

10 Finding Nemo: The Musical

The Contenders

11 Maharajah Jungle Trek
12 UP! A Great Bird Adventure Show

It’s a piece of rubbish that’s only for the money. - Gregory

13 Na’vi River Journey
14 TriceraTop Spin
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