Best Rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

List of the best rides at blackpool pleasure, I hope this helps your trip go well.

The Top Ten

1 Pepsi Max (The Big One)

One of the best rides I have ever been on

Brilliant ride

Its amazingly fun

Best ride at blackpool, love the big one

1.big one (pleasure beach
2.nemesis (alton towers)
3) stealth (Thorpe park)
4) jubilee odyssey (fantasy island)
5) shockwave (Drayton manor)

Come on, you have honestly got to go on the big one, why?

.it goes nearly 90 mph, really fast
.235 ft high
.the drop goes straight down
.you have only got a bar that goes across you
.tallest roller coaster in the uk today.

When I was a little kid, I actually said I promise myself that I would never go on it because it looks dead scary
But look at me now, when I first went on it, I was nervous but I absolutely loved it.
By far the best and most scariest roller coaster ever. If you are reading, please put a comment

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2 Infusion

Best looped roller coaster at blackpool.

It was built where the old log flume was, I quite miss that log flume
But infusion is absolutly 100% way better than the log flume.

Sometimes you could get wet because there's fountains.

3 Ice Blast


Shoots up


It comes back doowwn.

4 Wild Mouse

They tore it down.

5 Valhalla

Love this ride so much but it won't be for you if you don't like getting soaked! Don't wear shoes you don't want to get ruined! I promise you they will! The boat is already up to your ankles with water when you get in in other words your wet before the ride has began!

My favourite ride ever! Its in the dark and the atmosphere is great especially on your first time when it turns you and drops you down backwards totally unexpected. There are 3 drops in all and the ride is half a tour ride a bit like river caves. Its got everything an ice room a fire room. It lasts for about 5 minutes which is decent. The queues are not that long neither because they get about 10 people in every time.

Your in the dark
Darkest water ride I have ever been on, Valhalla is amazing

I hope I go back to blackpool pleasure beach soon because I miss going there.
It was so much fun, but you have got to go one this though, it is incredibly badass


6 Grand National

Amazing airtime!

The best ride in UK

Same as Big Dipper but done as a racing competition

Still good ride

7 Irn Bru Revolution

1 minuite of awesomeness

Forwards and backwards,

8 Big Dipper

Classic ride, awesome ride and brilliant.

9 Icon the ride

Icon Is Amazing! Smooth Ride, Comfy Restraints, Really Good Elements, Plenty Of Airtime And The Immermann Loop Is Out Of This World! - ChocolateTheHead

Amazing scary but amazing

This shoul be 1st

Icon is up there with Smiler at Alton Towers as my favourite ride in the UK. It’s by far the best ride at The Pleasure Beach. It flows brilliantly, it’s smooth, it’s awesome!

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10 Steeplechase

Speeding horses on a rail with dips.

The Contenders

11 Bling (2004 - 2011)

What absolutly amazing thrills this ride gave me

I really miss it, it was so cool, it was only there for about 7 years.
It should have been along time until they close it.

What about never. ;( I miss that ride

12 Avalanche

It is awesome

A bobsled rollercoaster!


13 Icon
14 Nickelodeon Streak

NOT THE BEST RIDE IN THE Park but its fun

15 Red Arrows Skyforce

A unique ride where you are in a plane going round on an arm, but you get to control the wings allowing you to swing side to side and even do barrel rolls.
Whats cool about this ride is the rider can make it as scary as they want.

16 Wallace & Gromit's Thrill-O-Matic

Its epic

17 The Blue Flyer

A Great ride

18 Flying Machines


19 River Caves
20 The Ghost Train
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