Top 10 Rides at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania

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1 Skyrush

This ride really needs a harness! Skyrush doesn't go upside down, but has a large drop and rocks side to side. The ride has a heavy duty lap bar, but you still feel like you are falling out of your seat. The Skyrush ride attendants push the lap bar down on your thighs to keep you safe, but both of my kids were crying by the end of the ride because it was pressing so hard. Once we exited the ride, my kids showed me the large red marks on their thighs. I do not recommend this ride, it is not worth the discomfort.

An elite hyper

I think that it's a okay ride

I have not rode it but it looked so cool but not as cool as storm runner

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2 Storm Runner

This is the best roller coaster I have ever ridden.

I rode this and it was so much fun! The only downsides are that it is really short and there's no padding for your head. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

It can go from 0 to 72 MPH in only 2 seconds. A frightning start! You'll feel like you're upside down for a minute

3 Fahrenheit


This thing is such a thrill

The drop is the best part of the ride! Skyrush would be better without the TIGHT lap bar and storm runner should be longer so yeah, that’s why it’s the best

4 Great Bear

Amazing ride nothing like it

I risen in the front the first time. It was so worth it. The thing is, you know you're upside down, but yet you feel like you aren't. Definitely one to wait to go on the front on.

If you want to fly and scream in thrill, this is the ride to go on! Smoother than the wooden coasters, and longer than the steels. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

I am 11 years old, and last time I went to Hershey Park, I was dared to ride Great Bear. I LOVED rollercoasters, don’t get me wrong, but Great Bear was so loud and scary-looking! And ENORMOUS! I was scared, but I forced my feet to move towards the line. Then, I was dared to ride in the FRONT! I don't know how much of an idiot I am, but apparently a lot because I did that too. I was the only child on the ride, everyone else were either people in their late teens or adults. When we took off... it was awesome! It was so thrilling and exhilarating, and it’s not loud at ALL on the ride! It’s actually really fun, and I recommend it! ~cookiedoughpuppy

5 Lightning Racer

Underrated ride.
I never rode it without having a 5 minute wait.
That is good because it is the best ride here and it never has a long line

I went on this and my train WON!

I love this ride it was fun!

Lightning Racer give both children & adults the opportunity to (a) ride a fun filled action ride and (b) the fast pasted rush of the competition making every second worth it and the feeling of pulling in to the exit and realizing your cart won is absolutely the perfect end to a perfect ride.

6 Wildcat

Why is Wildcat above Comet and SooperDooperLooper? - coasterjunkie196

This ride hurts my sides but It's still awesome

The wooden coaster of death

This ride is blaargh... Awesome... Blaargh...

7 Comet

This ride was AWESOME

8 SooperDooperLooper

This is a great ride for people to experience their first inversions

Sooperdooperlooper was the oldest ride yet today one of the best with all the fun and insanity rolled up making the awesome ride that will make you scream your head off!

The oldest looping coaster in the park. RESPECT!

This thing only has 1 loop! How can you call it the sooperdooperlooper

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9 Trailblazer
10 Laff Trakk

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11 Wild Mouse

Sounds similar to a classic rollercoaster that used to be in UK.

Best ride ever

Worst ride ever

I think it’s good for people like me that don’t like scary roller coasters.

12 The Claw

I've always loved the great thrill of The Claw ever since I was 8 and now I still love the fear you get looking at The Claw while you are waiting on line.

I vomited on this

Good luck not getting dissy afterwards...

I wanted to go on this ride but 1 of the people in the group in front of ours pueked

13 Coal Cracker
14 Breaker's Edge


15 Hershey Triple Tower

Its really fun. Sure each one could be higher, but they're still pretty high. Very fun

16 Tidal Force

I loved this ride

10 story flume ride

17 Sidewinder

What are you talking about? This is the best roller coaster in the park!

10/10 do reccomend

Way underrated the new best restraints are so amazingly good

On this ride there are 6 loops

18 Canyon River Rapids

raft ride.

19 Roller Soaker

Water coaster

20 Carousel
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