Best Rides at Silverwood


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1 Aftershock

I have never been on this ride before but I know what it is about, and it sounds really fun.

This one is probably my favorite at Silverwood. Awesome sauce!

This ride is awesome. I never been on it but it seems really fun.

I love aftershock it,s so exhilarating it made me love rollar costers

2 Spincycle

At first I was really scared then when you got on I realized that it wasn't scary at all it was just really fun because I could see a lot of the theme park! I vote the spin cycle being the best ride at silverwood!

This ride is my favorite ride other than the Corkscrew. It is terrifying but more fun.

3 Panic Plunge

Need an adrenaline rush?! Take the plunge be adventurous.

4 Tremors

I don't find it scary anymore, but it's my favorite because it's so fun!

This ride is not scary. It is fun.

This ride is really good


5 Corkscrew

Need an full body adjustment after this ride. Not recommending it to anyone. Especially older people with back/neck issues

This ride is my favorite at silver wood. It's not scary but it's still fun. It goes up then down, then 2 loops, and then it's done.

Quick and fun and scary but still fun and AWESOME

6 Timber Terror

Might be a good roller coaster for newbies.

Good for the roller coaster newbies.

7 Skydiver
8 Avalanche Mountain
9 Velocity Peak

This ride is awesome.

10 Butterflyer

This ride is fun

The Contenders

11 Super Round Up

Really cool and fun and on line

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