Most Ridiculous Examples of Cartoon Logic

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Minnie Mouse gets scared of a mouse

Well she basically just looked back before her kind evolved. And maybe she saw that those mice were better, getting planets built for them and such

That's not just any rat on the floor, that's 6ix9ine.

She must think pretty lowly of her kind

She’s afraid of what mouse society has become

Donald Duck never wears pants but is suddenly naked when shirtless

He is a duck.
Real ducks do not wear clothes.

Ducks don't wear clothes.

The Three Little Pigs have their father hanging on the wall

You'd think that he'd go bad soon. They should either freeze him or eat him already

They pulled a Euronymous and took a pic of his corpse. Now that's what I call dark.

The father should be stuffed inside a sandwich. - Belieber_67

Maybe he was abusive to them

SpongeBob takes a bath underwater

Nearly everything in Spongebob Squarepants regrets nothing when it comes to cartoon logic. From this, to Sandy whistling or playing a saxaphone with a glass dome on her head, to listening to music with eyes, to washing sponge as a sponge, just everything. Don't get me started on Mr. Krabs and Pearl being father and daughter.

SpongeBob washes the dishes when he's a sponge

Not to mention that sponges found in the ocean are not the same thing as sponges found in a kitchen sink.

Use your head, Spongbong Sweatpant.

Mr. Krabs listens to music with his eyes

This seems rather painful

Gravity doesn't work until you look down

To this day the "Uh-oh..." moment still makes me laugh.

I wish this was true but sadly it ain't!

What happens when you look up?

In that case I’ll just run around randomly and never look down.

Mr. Krabs's daughter is a whale despite him being a crab

She must be adopted.

Maybe she's adopted.

is she Adopted

She's adopted

Dora can speak Spanish and English at age 4, but can't locate things right next to her.

Dora can speak Spanish better than I can but at least I know where to find things. Meanwhile, DOra be like "wHere da cLub" and I'm just sayin "In front of you, moite"

And she calls herself an explorer despite her choice to selectively travel through mapped territories.

Does she have a Down syndrome or what?

This made my day.

How do Arthur Read's glasses stay on without nose or ear support?

Plot twist: Arthur's glasses are secretly goggles and they're tied up at the back of his head.

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Why does Spongebob live in a pineapple?

wHo LiVeS iN a PiNeApPlE uNdEr ThE sEa ?

Donald, Huey, Louie, and Dewey eat a chicken

Does that mean that they are cannibals?

Damn, cannibalism in kid's cartoons.

Look at their smiles.

Launchpad McQuack flies a plane when he's a bird

Flying is just too difficult. Like walking. Why walk if you can drive or use those electric scooter things?

Isn’t he a duck too? Why don’t any of the ducks like Donald fly?

The Flintstones celebrate Christmas before Christ was born

The Flintstones takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, so this isn't bad logic.

They were Germanic pagans? Who'd've thunk it?

Everything in SpongeBob's house is frozen except for the water
Jimmy Neutron goes to space without any helmet

That goes for a lot of cartoons where characters are in space and wear no helmet.

He made a robot dog, and a space rocket, so why is that weird?

Arthur wears headphones but they’re not on his ears

Well that's how I use them. The rest of you are just doing it wrong

Actually aardvarks have enhanced hearing so...

Maybe he has another invisible pair of ears.

What are SpongeBob's sleeves attached to?

They were sewn to his tiny sponge arms shortly after he came into existence.

Spongebob and Patrick have pants but squidward doesn't

Also Squidward has a shirt and Spongebob and Patrick don’t

Goofy is a dog who can walk and talk, but Pluto acts like a regular dog

I never understood this

In the world of Mickey Mouse dogs come with retardation, Goofy is a retard who can not remember anything and Pluto is a retarded that does not speak

Ladybug's and Chat Noir's superhero disguises are bad, but no one, not even each other (except for a select few), knows their true identities

I've been waiting to talk of this. I haven't seen a single image on this, so I'm glad to write a large comment. Sure, I haven't watched this show a lot, but I know a lot of it (I'll admit, I've read several wikia articles). The primary difference between both protagonists as superheroes and ordinary people is their personalities, but other than Chat Noir's night vision eyes, that's pretty much it. No one knows who they are, even if many characters get a close up look and picture of them. Not even the superheroes themselves know who they are, and they interact with each other every day! At least Tikki and Plagg know, and Plagg states, "People are blind." Everyone watching the show probably wanted to shout out to the characters on this in frustration, but at least we finally get to hear someone point something out. Even Hawk Moth (spoilers), who doesn't look at them up close as much, suspects that Chat Noir is Adrien, and he's right. Honestly, even if we don't see the protagonists ...more

Gee, I wonder who they really are?

Brian Griffin has met Jesus Christ several times and is still an atheist
Characters are able to set fires underwater in Spongebob Squarepants

I think this is an inside joke.

Is Mr. Boss holding his cigar with his nose?

He probably stuck the cigar up his nose.

Cartoon characters survive major injuries that would cause death in real life

You can get your head blown off, your whole body can explode and you can fall 420 meters from the ground and not die.

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