Top Ten Most Ridiculous Ideas for TheTopTens

Well, well, aren't these ideas really ridiculous. This list is a joke.

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1 TheTopTens Mascot

Who would it be? I vote tiger. Who's with me?

Joking aside, TheTopTens is a website. Not a sport. - ToptenPizza

Terry the Top Ten Tiger. I like it. - CityGuru

Put a mascot in Times Square! I mean, they already have everything else there. - Songsta41

The toptens mascot is... A list?.__. - Danguy10

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2 TheTopTens Video Game

Does this mean I could finally know what it feels like to be as loved as PositronWildHawk? - Songsta41

Maybe it could be like a combination of the Mario & Luigi games and Skylanders/Disney Infinity. - Garythesnail

People would be killing each other in the game because they said something they didn't like.

Haha. This item's funny. - Aragorn98

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3 TheTopTens Music Video

Lyrics: (positronwildhawk turns on beat) (britgirl sings) to handle a list, just think an item that, that, that makes sense (same tune of shake it off 'ooh') an item that makes sense, (same tune) but I kept adding and keep voting on the same thing all the time now, here's the time that your list gonna be alright. When the voters gonna vote vote vote vote and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate baby I'm just gonna add, add, add, add I vote it off. I vote it iff oh oh and the jokers gonna joke joke joke and the posters gonna post post post and I'm just gonna add add add I vote it off
Then britgirl talks- hey hey do you think about the bloggers and the voters and the voting in the world, you couldn't be down on this sick list. My boyfriend is such a good cutie. I'm when he just said it and the fellow TopTenners just clap but come on baby we could all vote vote vote yeah ooh (chorus) - Princesssmooth

If we can do music video, then I suggest we should 'shake it off' parody. But come on, really? - Delgia2k

What would we even sing about? Lists? Users? How much this site hates Justin Bieber? - RockFashionista

Let's sing about how every T.V. show can be considered the worst show ever! As well as how people hate Frozen even though it's not a bad movie BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE MORONS!

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4 TheTopTens Anime/Cartoon

That would be completely ridiculous. - Delgia2k

How would the creator do that? - LucyHeartfilia

Maybe a blog series. - Therandom

Not really a ridiculous idea. Anime can make any idea brillliant, from card games to spinning tops. - Kiteretsunu

5 TheTopTens Movie

At a festival, Justin Bieber comes on. He is thrown off the stage and the crowd demands better. Nicki Minaj comes on and they do this again and then again with Miley Cyrus. Finally, Metallica comes on and the concert is a huge success. Enough said. - Songsta41

The movie is about ending Justin Bieber's joke. Enough said - Delgia2k

I don't know but I think that would be just awesome and humorous. - DownTheTown

That seems like it would be extremely amusing, I would watch that if it was real. - RaineSage

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6 TheTopTens Pokemon

I wanna be the very best... Like no one ever was. Catching them is my real test and training 'em is my goal! Hmm I don't know. A Pokemon parody sounds like a good idea for TheTopTens if you sing the theme song 3 times. - Chaotixhero

I don't know. I kinda like this idea. - nintendofan126

Finch, Alexandr, Matrixguy, Positron, Britgirl, Magnolia, Evilangel and BKallmighty are the professors. - Animefan12

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7 TheTopTens Country

What? Hey, at least us TopTenners would meet each ither in real life... - Turkeyasylum

That would mean we'd get to meet each other in real life, which would actually be great. - PianoQueen

I don't know how it would be possible but I think that is more ridiculous than a video game version.

Better, a continent!
Philitelcabal-Philippines - kontrahinsunu

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8 TheTopTens Comic

That wouldn't be too bad. - IronSabbathPriest

It could be a kind of Web series. A comedy, maybe? - RaineSage

This could be a pretty good idea - MatrixGuy

This would actually be a good idea. - ruJILLous

9 TheTopTens Mobile, computer, and Console
10 TheTopTens TV Show

Already up there -_- - ruJILLous

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? TheTopTens God
? TheTopTens Sonic

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11 MLG TheTopTens

MLG anything is ridiculous. - Entranced98

Get rekt skrub m8 - BorisRule

Mlg noscope 1v1 get rekt m8 gr b8 m8
*smokes cigars* - CerealGuy

12 TheTopTens School

So we learn how to make good lists, good posts and things like that? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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13 TheTopTens Chess
14 TheTopTens Internet Memes

They said I could be anything so I became olive bread. - Delgia2k

I wanna be Domo! Lol... - Chaotixhero

All your lists are belong to us - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I wanna be a rock too - CerealGuy

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15 TopTenners vs Justin Bieber

I'm routing for TopTenners

TopTenners win! - Entranced98


16 TheTopTens Merchandise

Get your toptens T-shirts & mugs now! 40% off! Now selling Puga plushes! - ruJILLous

17 TheTopTens Pot Noodle
18 TheTopTens Soundtrack
19 TheTopTens Dating Show

Hosted by Britgirl and Keyson. - ThatStrangeKid42

This is just dumb. - Wolftail

20 TheTopTens: Limited Edition

TheTopTens would be expired in 2016

21 Lego TheTopTens
22 TheTopTens Shop
23 TheTopTens Concert
24 Dork Diaries: Tales from a not-so Top Tenner

Yes I love that series! do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it

25 TheTopTens Graveyard
26 TheTopTens Light Novel
27 TheTopTens OS
28 TheTopTens Porn
29 TheTopTens Web Browser
30 TheTopTens Continent
31 TheTopTens How to Murder Justin Bieber
32 TheTopTens Hate Popular Stuff
33 TheTopTens How to Reboot a Show You Liked that Was Cancelled
34 TheTopTens Mario
35 TheTopTens Pikachu
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