Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lists on TheTopTens that Actually Exist


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1 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens with the Stinkiest Farts

Immature and creepy. Why did admin approve this? Probably for reasons that will disturb us - SpectralOwl

Why the hell did admin approve that list

What the heck? Who made that list?

Weird and creepy.

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2 Top 10 Penis Shapes

There's erect, flaccid and any other shape would mean that you are off to the doctor - styLIShT

What the heck? What kind of list is that? Why the hell did admin approve it

Man people are weird

... Why?! - SpectralOwl

3 Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Date Britgirl

I sorely hope that Admin doesn't approve these types of lists anymore. - SpectralOwl

4 Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time is Better Than Ebola

I know! Let us compare the carpet to a random Anime next! that would make a great list idea - SpectralOwl


5 Top Ten Reasons Why a Doughnut Should Be Prime Minister

Really? It will promote world peace? I think it would promote weight gain more than peace. - SpectralOwl

What's wrong with the food that resembles the shape of the earth in being a Prime Minister? - styLIShT

6 Top Ten Most Random Things to Throw at a Platypus While Licking a Cupcake

I question your daily rituals, to whoever created this list. - SpectralOwl

Proof that people are running out of ideas

I think people are just super bored

Pewdiepie help we are out of ideas - styLIShT

7 Top Ten Sexiest TopTenners

I bet over 90% of the users the creator of this list does not know the actual physical appearance of these users. Some of them could actually be a 35 year old living in a basement - SpectralOwl

This one is just creepy and weird

This list is creepy

8 Top 10 TopTenners Who Should Watch Fred: The Movie

Sometimes, the internet won't let people watch what they want, even if it is on thetoptens - SpectralOwl

9 Worst Things About Toilets

Someone wants to be primitive about something not talked about. - SpectralOwl

10 Top 10 Reasons to Love Waluigi Haters

The list is full of invalid and false points like they are "too nice" when they are clearly offending a bunch of innocent fanbases like Koopalings fans, and YES, the fanbase is super annoying as well, but at least they are very silent now. - darthvadern

This list is stupid and I’m saying that as a waluigi hater. But now I am starting to hate the waluigi hatebase

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11 Top Ten Hardest Ways to Eat Breakfast

Why would anyone think of these methods anyways? or even eating breakfast differently? - SpectralOwl

12 Top 10 Worst Things About the Waluigi Hatebase

Not a bad list. - Entranced98

Dear ToadF1, There is a difference between a ridicoulus list and a list that shouldn't exist, besides, your hating is getting on my nerves and shut up! - darthvadern

Who put this here? There is nothing wrong with this list. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like Waluigi

13 Top Ten Reasons Why Modern Mario Party Sucks

Biased classic mario party fanboys who get triggered over the smallest change, almost none of the items are valid either

Darthvadern got triggered at this list probably - SpectralOwl

14 Worst Things to Find in a Child's Bedroom

#389124 - a child - Cyri

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