Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lists on TheTopTens that Actually Exist


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1 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens with the Stinkiest Farts

Immature and creepy. Why did admin approve this? Probably for reasons that will disturb us - SpectralOwl

Why the hell did admin approve that list - Gametheorysucks

What the heck? Who made that list?

Has no reason to exist but, man if I don't love it. - codydoestuff

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2 Top 10 Penis Shapes

There's erect, flaccid and any other shape would mean that you are off to the doctor - styLIShT

What the heck? What kind of list is that? Why the hell did admin approve it - Gametheorysucks

Man people are weird

What the HELL! we got a pervert in the house! - B0S5J4M3S

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3 Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Date Britgirl

I sorely hope that Admin doesn't approve these types of lists anymore. - SpectralOwl

This is really creepy - B0S5J4M3S

4 Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time is Better Than Ebola

I know! Let us compare the carpet to a random Anime next! that would make a great list idea - SpectralOwl


5 Top Ten Reasons Why a Doughnut Should Be Prime Minister

Really? It will promote world peace? I think it would promote weight gain more than peace. - SpectralOwl

What's wrong with the food that resembles the shape of the earth in being a Prime Minister? - styLIShT

6 Top Ten Most Random Things to Throw at a Platypus While Licking a Cupcake

I question your daily rituals, to whoever created this list. - SpectralOwl

Proof that people are running out of ideas - Gametheorysucks

I think people are just super bored

Pewdiepie help we are out of ideas - styLIShT

7 Top Ten Sexiest TopTenners

I bet over 90% of the users the creator of this list does not know the actual physical appearance of these users. Some of them could actually be a 35 year old living in a basement - SpectralOwl

People are perverts... - B0S5J4M3S

This one is just creepy and weird

This list is creepy - Gametheorysucks

8 Top 10 TopTenners Who Should Watch Fred: The Movie

Sometimes, the internet won't let people watch what they want, even if it is on thetoptens - SpectralOwl

9 Worst Things About Toilets

Someone wants to be primitive about something not talked about. - SpectralOwl

10 Top 10 Reasons to Love Waluigi Haters

The list is full of invalid and false points like they are "too nice" when they are clearly offending a bunch of innocent fanbases like Koopalings fans, and YES, the fanbase is super annoying as well, but at least they are very silent now. - darthvadern

This list is stupid and I’m saying that as a waluigi hater. But now I am starting to hate the waluigi hatebase - Gametheorysucks

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11 Top 10 Worst Things About the Waluigi Hatebase

Not a bad list. - Entranced98

Dear ToadF1, There is a difference between a ridicoulus list and a list that shouldn't exist, besides, your hating is getting on my nerves and shut up! - darthvadern

Who put this here? There is nothing wrong with this list. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like Waluigi - Gametheorysucks

12 Top Ten Hardest Ways to Eat Breakfast

Why would anyone think of these methods anyways? or even eating breakfast differently? - SpectralOwl

13 Worst Things to Find in a Child's Bedroom
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