Best and Most Ridiculous Pranks to Do in a Public Bathroom

The Top Ten

1 Ask for toilet paper then smear pudding on the other person's hands

Hah, good one - KingSlayer93316

2 Ask for toilet paper then smear warm water on the other person's hands
3 Make a dirty joke
4 Put a whoopee cushion on the seat
5 Make fart sounds
6 Smear feces on the wall and spell dirty words

Think about the poor, poor sod who has to clean that up... - Entranced98

7 Peek over the walls and then say "are you done yet"?
8 Poop in the urinals

"Who would take a d-dump in a urinal? It's such a s-senseless crime." - Jimmy Valmer - Entranced98


9 Put ketchup packets under the rubber bumps under the seat

That would be hilarious!

When the next person sits down, splat! I did this in the toilets at a café once (though I was feeling evil enough to use brown sauce) and it was just too epic. - Entranced98

10 Unlock the stall on someone

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11 Pull someone's pants down
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