Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things Companies Have Tried to Trademark


The Top Ten

1 Disney Attempted to Trademark The Day of the Dead

What a bunch of greedy pricks - Mcgillacuddy

2 The Fine Bros. Attempted to Trademark Reaction Videos
3 King Digital Attempted to Trademark the Words "Candy" and "Saga"
4 Harley Davidson Attempted to Trademark the Sound of a Revving Engine

Seriously... - TwilightKitsune

5 The New England Patriots Tried to Trademark "19-0"
6 Walmart Attempted to Trademark the Yellow Smiley Face
7 Sarah Palin Attempted to Trademark Her Own Name

What a twit... - Swellow

8 McDonald's Attempted to Trademark the Prefix "Mc"

If this happened, then the creator of this list would have to be called gillacuddy.

9 Reese's Attempted to Trademark the Color Orange
10 Facebook Attempted to Trademark the Word "Book"

The Contenders

11 Fine Bros Attempted To Trademark The Word "React"

So ridiculous it's been listed twice. - Swellow

12 Bethesda Attempted to Trademark the Word "Scrolls"
13 Sony tried to trademark the words "God" and "War"
14 Pink Sheep tried to trademark the word "TNT"

I guess that idiot forgot that TNT is a real life explosive.


15 Microsoft attempted to trademark "Rareware"

And even more ridiculous they defaced the Banjo-Kazooie intro for their own purposes! I guess they forgot Banjo-Kazooie was a Nintendo franchise first.

16 Sony attempted to trademark Let's Play
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