Top Ten Most Ridiculous Things People Do on the Internet

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Post child pornography
Post nude pictures of themselves
Lie about their age to get a boyfriend/girlfriend

Would just like to say (again) when I lied about my age, it was definitely NOT to get a boyfriend. I was new to the site and it was just a bit of fun. I didn't expect things to turn out as they did. I'm sure there are still a few users of this site who are still lying about their age...Only they know who they are... - Britgirl

Oh boy...I feel sorry for their mentality, that they can't be what they are. - Ananya

Post fights
Try to fight everybody online
Try to be a troll, but fail
Be ungrateful
Hop on the bandwagon


Brag about how special they are

Oh god... seriously I don't understand such people! OK if you have good teeth or feet, what are we supposed to do with that? - Ananya

Dictate others to like what they like

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Write themselves into fanfiction
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