Top 10 Ridiculous Troll Questions on Yahoo Answers

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1 I accidentally dropped my baby and now his eyes won't open?

That means, your baby is dead

You killed it! You're going to jail for child endangerment and murder!

2 Where can I get my 12 year old daughter a husband?
3 I accidentally dropped hydrofluoric acid on my baby's face?
4 What happens if you give a dog crack?

Watch the video “Siberian Husky eats Marijuana Edible” on YouTube.

5 I beat my wife. I think she needs help?
6 Can the Game Boy Light play Nintendo Switch games?

No, but the Atari 2600 can play games from BOTH.

No it can't - Maddox121

7 I think I made my friend commit suicide!!?
8 My pitbull bit my baby in the face and arm?


9 Was I Wrong to RUIN My Best Friend's Engagement?

Yes. yes you were.

10 Why don't Europeans brush their d**n teeth?

The Contenders

11 I stepped on a spider, will I get pregnant?

If you engage in sexual intercourse with a spider, yes

12 Stepped on my babies head?
13 What happens if you feed this to a baby?

Seems innocent, but here's the most recent elaboration on the question: "A 64 oz. bottle filled with: Whiskey, 5 hour energy, ghost pepper sauce, pure caffeine powder, vodka, dog pee and vomit? ". - KalloFox34

14 Help, I accidentally build a shelf!?

If you don't want it, give it to me for free

15 Are deaf people mentally ill?
16 My mom feeds my little sister poop?

ew what?

17 I had smelly diarrhea in space?

At least Planet Earth won't have to deal with the smell

18 Can I feed my dog chocolate-covered grapes that have seeds?

If you want to go to jail, then yes

19 Is porn a religion?

Ask Himeros, the Greek god of sexual desire

20 Why won't my dog wake up?

It is dead

The guy says his dog has been asleep for 5 years and that it's STARTING to smell. - KalloFox34

21 Why are there butterflies in my stomach?
22 I hate it when Adolf Hitler steals my Nutella?

And the "best answer" is even funnier.

23 I'm hearing moaning sounds from my son's bedroom?

Because he's engaging in sexual intercourse

24 My 78 year old grandma fell down the stairs?

Call LifeAlert

25 How do I stop my children from believing the lies they learn in school?

This person thinks she’s a moon godess, and that all school stuff is a lie

26 How can I test if my son is gay?
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